Narc Out The Reds – “…Are On The Run”

Album Reviews | Apr 2nd, 2011

Genre: Alternative
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Narc Out The Reds hail from Lansing, Michigan area and have a gritty alternative rock sound. When hearing their first track “….As Hipsters Do,” I got the sense that they had a bit of a American Steel thing going on.

I believe this is their second album, even though this is 5 tracks; you can still get a sense on what this band is about. Sometimes when listening to EPs, I can’t grasp what the band would have sounded like over a full length but not this time. 5 tracks in and I wouldn’t want to listen to this again. It’s not that the music is bad, it’s just bland to me. Maybe it’s not the style I like or would listen to? Personal opinions aside, Narc Out The Reds can play, but the songs are just not interesting.

Bottom Line: Check out Narc Out The Reds if you like American Steel and Hot Water Music
Notable Tracks: As Hipsters Do
Overall Rating:


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