Shaky Deville – “Hot Asphalt”

Album Reviews | Jan 9th, 2012

Record Label: Hobolight Records
Genre: Rockabilly/Irish
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Hailing from Nashville, this ballsy trio grabs Irish folk, throws it in a Coupe de Ville, and guns it to high-octane rockabilly. I don’t think I’ve ever heard rockabilly walking bass and Irish folk melodies together before, but this mashup makes sense – both styles have a certain strut, a liking toward alcohol, and an eye on the past.

Helping bridge the styles are the vocals, which affect that strangled, gargling Lemmy sound. Whether the vocalist infuses Irish lilting or rockabilly snarl, it works. An early AC/DC feel is also channeled, which is, of course, awesome.

Thundering down the road, this one’s an attention grabber.

Bottom Line: Great, raw rockabilly with some Irish influence.
Notable Tracks: Come Out Ye Black & Tan, Toronado, You Had It Good, Charity
Overall Rating:


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