MacGyver: The Complete 3rd Season

DVD Reviews | Sep 13th, 2005

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Starring Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar, Bruce McGill, Michael Des Barres
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Studio: Paramount
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Paramount seems to just be pumping out MacGyver Seasons left & right, but hey, I don’t have a problem with that at all! The third season offers a lot of great classic MacGyver episodes that fans will enjoy! Sadly, the DVD still doesn’t come with any extras though.

You should all know about MacGyver by now, if not, FOR SHAME! You have to go in TV Timeout and think about what you have done! Ok, still there? But for those who seriously don’t know who MacGyver is, he’s an experienced problem-saving guy who works for his friend Pete at the Phoenix Foundation. Traveling all over the world, helping people out with troubled situations and even getting into some trouble of his own. He doesn’t use guns, and uses his wits and intelligence instead. He carries around his trusty Swiss Army knife, and whatever else he happens to have stored in his pockets. Sometimes that could be Duct tape, gum, pillars, anything but he usually has the RIGHT stuff at the RIGHT time.

Season 3 starts out with MacGyver helping out some Chinese people with their sacred, priceless dragon and protecting it. Then his long lost Russian love shows up, and she’s involved with Soviet agents and gets kidnapped by them. Mac gets his buddy Jack involved to help him steal the dragon thing to get his old girlfriend back. I swear MacGyver goes through more women than water! The guy’s a chick magnet, what can you say! He can make a bomb out of a fart & a paper bag, plays hockey…Plus he has a leather jacket! Also in this season, MacGyver’s nemesis Murdoc comes back and plots revenge on MacGyver…which will happen every season from now on. I like his episodes the best for some reason, just because MacGyver’s on his A-game for those. Though that episode, MacGyver lost a friend rock climbing (which was quite funny if you ask me!) and Mac was all upset over it. He was even thinking of quitting the Phoenix Foundation and he just was not his usual self. That’s until old Murdoc paid him a visit in the woods with a flame thrower. Awww that wacky Murdoc! Other episodes in the season include MacGyver battling some bigfoot in the woods with another Russian chick, stopping hunters kill endangered animals, helping a hockey player keep his temper down, plus MacGyver gets a new female sidekick with Nikki Carpenter. Season 3 seemed like MacGyver was out in the wilderness more and those were always my favorite MacGyver episodes, on top of the Murdoc episodes. I always imagined what I would be like in those situations but then I realized I hate camping, and I’m allergic to everything. So getting me into the wilderness is a big ordeal!

MacGyver Season 3 is another great season, but I’m debating whether or not I like this season more than the second season. Both are very good with classic episodes in each of them. Right now I dislike the first season the most, that’s because MacGyver was doing his own thing and not with the Phoenix Foundation. I remember the episode “The Endangered” the most from season 3, because that dealt with MacGyver in the woods being a badass. If you have the other DVDs of MacGyver, than buying season 3 is a no brainer. Now bring on Season 4, which comes out Winter time! And maybe one of these DVDs will actually contain Richard Dean Anderson commentary or some sort of features. ANYTHING! SOMETHING!


ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Widowmaker, The Endangered, Jack in the Box, Mask of the Wolf.
Rating: NR
Running Time: 942 minutes
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