Anti Flag signs to Major Label, RCA

Music News | Apr 26th, 2005

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Anti Flag signs to a major label RCA Records and released a statement on their website. Can’t really consider someone a sellout until they change their style of music but it does seem funny they are signed to a major label now. This is pretty much what I figured they would say:

Dear Friends and Family,

We have important news to share with you. We are currently writing and planning to record our next full-length album to be released on RCA Records in early 2006. Our relationship with the incredible people at Fat Wreck stays intact and we cannot thank them enough for their continued friendship and support.

To be frank, shit talkers will talk shit because that’s what they do WE DO NOT GIVE A FUCK! We started this band to be heard, NOT to be controlled by petty people who want to tear down everything we attempt, instead of creating something of their own. We started this band to say what we want to say, the way we want to say it, for all to hear!

New label or not, Anti-Flag will continue to operate in that manner. We will continue to speak out against sexism, racism, and homophobia, as well as punk-scene elitism and superficial assholes. We will continue to stand against the mindlessness and dangers of patriotism, nationalism, militarism, fascism, and morally bankrupt neo-conservatives.

To those of you who consider yourself a part of our community, we understand that our decision may cause you concern or piss you off. We deeply respect you and do not want to discount your concerns. We want you to know that we are confident in our choice and completely committed to the principles that we have backed over the last 10+ years.

It’s past time to pick a side and take a stand! Years ago we chose the side of equality and justice and with this we re-affirm that choice. There are bigger battles to be fought than what text is on the back cover of an album.

Love-Peace-Unity-Respect, Anti-Flag