The Saw Doctors to release Charity Live CD in aid of South East Asia Disaster Fund

Music News | Jan 22nd, 2005

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In early February, the Saw Doctors will release a limited edition CD of the band’s show on New Year’s Day in Galway. Shamtown Records are printing 1,000 CD’s which will retail at 15 Euro each and all monies from the sale of the CD will go towards the South East Asian Disaster Fund. There will be fifteen live tracks on the CD which will be called New Year’s Day – six of the songs on the new Charity CD were not included on the 2004 Live in Galway CD. The 1,000 CD’s will be numbered and signed by the Saw Doctors. The tracklisting is as follows: The Saw Doctors
New Year’s Day (SAWDOC011CD)

Intro – High Nellie
1. Exhilarating Sadness
2. To Win Just Once
3. Strangers
4. Green and Red
5. Villains?
6. I Useta Lover
7. Tommy K
8. Michael D.
9. N17
10. Galway and Mayo including Maroon and White
11. JCCB
12. That’s What She Said
13. It Won’t Be Tonight
14. What A Day
15. Hay Wrap