ReadJunk Podcast – A Look Back At The Vans Warped Tour

Featured, Podcasts | Jun 21st, 2019

ReadJunk Podcast – A Look Back At The Vans Warped Tour

Episode 39 of the ReadJunk Podcast is a look back at the Vans Warped Tour. I paid tribute to the long-running tour last year since it ended, but I removed the episode since it had music in it. Vans Warped Tour are doing special events in Atlantic City and California soon so figured I’d talk about the tour again.

I’m joined by fellow ReadJunk colleague Joe Fogle / Creature of War and we reminisce about the good and bad of the Warped Tour, our first Warped Tour concert, things we will miss but mostly won’t miss, and other things like that. Right at the end, Joe and I talk about random things like other shows of the Summer, DC / Batman movies, and New York Comic Con. 

*correction department* I mentioned in the episode that The Fugees played Warped Tour. I meant Black Eyed Peas.  

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We’ll have a brand new episode of the podcast next week too!


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