Duvall “O Holy Night”

Album Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Record Label: Asian Man Records
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Ex-Smoking Popes members deliver a Christmas album just in time for the holiday. It would be pretty pointless to release this in the summertime now wouldn’t it? Their previous album, I really really enjoyed and continue to listen to it a lot. Not sure I like these type of bands doing Xmas songs because it usually means I’ll only listen to this CD during the holidays and that’s it. These songs are great though. I like “Go Tell It On The Mountain” and I also like the version that Peter Tosh/Wailers do on an earlier studio one Cd. Though it’s funny, i’m the least religious person out there and like the Jesus songs haha. If you like the holiday type albums, and Duvall/Smoking Popes, this CD is worth having.

Bottom Line: If you celebrate Xmas and like rock music, you’ll enjoy this.
Notable Tracks: “Go Tell It On A Mountain” “Joy To The World” “Light of the Stable”
Overall Rating: