Jeremy Scott – “Bear Grease”

Album Reviews | Jan 20th, 2022

Jeremy Scott - "Bear Grease"

Record Label: Back to the Light Records
Genre: Folk/Blues/Alt-Country
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Jeremy Scott strikes out on his own after playing with Reigning Sound, Harlan T. Bobo, The Toy Trucks and other groups. His solo debut, “Bear Grease,” takes a bit to get going at first. “Turn My Way” has some decent bluegrass-inspired guitar work, even if Scott’s vocals are a tad flat on the track.

“Fred Neil Armstong” is an upbeat, fun song, which stands in nice counterpoint to the ensuing “Just Like Your Mother #15 and 67,” which has an eerie vibe that is difficult to describe until you hear it—but safe to say it veers between blues, folk and even dark country. “What Am I Talking About” is a truly fun, danceable tune that packs quite a lot of fun into its four minutes. It’s followed by the equally positive “I, Dealer.”

The album sags a bit at that point, but then comes “Your Ice Cream’s Gonna Melt Someday,” which is a gloriously pessimistic screed about trying to maintain one’s equanimity in a world as brutal as ours. I wasn’t extremely keen on “The Ass Pimple of Love”—as much as I dig the title—but then came “Turgid” and “Scared of Your Shadow,” which end the album in finely misanthropic style.

It’s always cool to find a new sound, which Scott has in his variety of vocals and instrumentation.

Releases: Jan. 28

Notable Tracks: “Just Like Your Mother #15 and 67,” “What Am I Talking About,” “Your Ice Cream’s Gonna Melt Someday,” “Turgid”
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