Lazy CD Reviews 02/2006

Album Reviews | Feb 4th, 2006

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There’s only so much I can take of reviewing the same bands over and over again. So I decided to take a handful of CDs each month and do short reviews. Not every band deserves a long ass review and I don’t feel like doing them either. So here’s “Lazy CD Reviews.”

After The Fight “Bastura Solamente” (Bone Records)
Whiny screaming punk that I don’t like very much. Some songs are okay.

Aluminum Babe “Vitrified” (Lucero Records)
Oh god what the hell is this? First two songs are blah but I like the third song because it’s a rock song. Other than that, I won’t be listening to this again.

The Bomshells “Audio Wasteland”
Punky rock n’ roll that sounds out of the 70’s. They have a few street punk style songs as well. Worth listening to if you like those sub-genres of punk rock.

The Flatliners “Destroy To Create” (Stomp Records)
One minute The Flatliners are screaming & playing fast punk, and then they are playing ska-punk. I think the band sounds better when it’s punk songs and not sloppy upstroke ska. Fans of Catch 22, Choking Victim and Op Ivy will like this.

The Fully Down “Don’t Get Lost In a Moment” (Fearless Records)
Wah Wah Same Old Thing, Wah Wah. Stupid generic tripe.

Hawthorne Heights “If Only You Were Lonely” (Victory Records)
Ugh. The Kings of wimpy Rock. I think having my testicles on fire is more enjoyable than listening this album.

I Am A Ghost “We Are Always Searching” (Epitaph Records)
A prime example of Epitaph losing it’s integrity for some quick cash.

Panic! At The Disco “After You Can’t Sweat Out” (Decaydance Records/Fueled By Ramen)
People are going to eat this shit up on a plate. Danceable rock music that for some strange reason, I kind of like. This wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. This is definitely guilty pleasure music. I hate myself for liking this.

Ricky Lee Robinson “Mushu Pork” (Hypnodisk Records)
Ricky Lee Robinson is trying to sound like the Beatles and every other 60’s band, but these guys would have failed miserably if they started out in that decade.

The Runs “Wet Sounds” (Urban Cheese Records)
Impressive debut album from a bunch of guys that try to sound like The Ramones & The Misfits. Nice spoof on the Beach Boy’s cover art as well.

SOS “A Guide To Better Living” (3:16 Productions)
Thrashy metal rock you’d hear in a bar on a Friday night. Wasn’t my thing, I think the vocals got to me.

Straightjacket “Modern Thieves” (TKO Records)
Straightjacket is a punk band that you usually hear from TKO Records. Well that’s not true, either you hear hillbilly rock n’ roll or street punk. This is the later and thankfully they don’t suck like Antiseen. God that band is fucking awful. Check out Straightjacket, you might like their stuff.

The Vandals “Shingo Japanese Remix Album” (Nitro Records)
Not a fan of techno remixes. I like The Vandals but hearing these songs remixed is kind of…weird. Vandals fans should stay away from this because they won’t like it. I didn’t.

Warsaw “Poland Bros Live” (Invisible Mass)
Whoa ska. Finally something to break up the monotony of listening to punk & rock. I’ve heard Warsaw on comps before but not an entire album. This has 20 live tracks, the quality & songs are decent. Nothing to jump for joey, I mean joy about. There were a few tunes I didn’t like though.

We Are The Fury “Infinite Jest” (Unborn Media Records)
Thank god this is only 5 songs, I would have thrown up if it was 6 songs. Ok, I lied…I threw up after the first song.