Luke Winslow King – “Everlasting Arms”

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Luke Winslow King Everlasting Arms album review

Record Label: Bloodshot Records
Genre: Blues / Dixieland
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Luke Winslow King is another musician I never heard of until I decided to give his music a chance. I’m glad I decided to check out his latest album Everlasting Arms off Bloodshot Records because this stuff sounds excellent! Luke hails from New Orleans so expect lots of dixieland inspired music.

Luke and his singing partner/wife Esther have an eclectic rockabilly/blues/dixieland style. I don’t listen to straight up dixie music but love it when bands incorporate it into their music (i.e. Mad Caddies). Some songs have trumpets and that dixieland style (“Levee Man”), and then others are swing (“Swing That Thing”). You can’t really pigeon hole him into one category, which is a good thing in my opinion. Luke’s vocals sort of remind me of Ray Lamontagne but not as raspy & depressing.

The New Orleans jazz style songs are especially fun and the blues songs are particularly good. Even though I like the bluesy songs, I have to be in the right mood to listen to that type of music. Towards the middle of the album, Esther sings a song called “Wanton Way of Loving.” I like her sweet-sounding singing voice, and it fits the folky Americana song quite well. “Domino Sugar” is another blues rock tune that stands out from the album with some nice guitar work. Hearing this album was a pleasant surprise and I’m looking forward to hearing more and even seeing LWK perform live if he’s ever in NYC.

Bottom Line: Impressive follow-up to The Coming Tide
Notable Tracks: Everylasting Arms, Swing That Thing, Levee Man, Le Bega’s Carousal, Domino Sugar
Overall Rating:


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