The Black Pacific – “The Black Pacific”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 6th, 2010

Record Label: Side One Dummy
Genre: Punk Rock
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Well that was fast! Who knew Jim Lindberg, formerly of Pennywise, would start up a new band so soon? I didn’t, I thought the reason Jim left was to spend more time with his family but obviously there’s more to that story than just family. Jim does explain why he left Pennywise in recent interviews so if you’re curious, go read them (ie. It’s time to move forward though and that’s what Jim does with his new band, The Black Pacific!

The band features Jim on vocals and guitar, Davey Latter on drums, and Alan Vegas on bass. The Black Pacific sound is that skater punk sound, something we’re used to hearing from Jim. Although, their music is a lot harder than anything Pennywise has ever done with lots more screaming. Jim and the rest of the band experiment with different things, vocally and musically. Jim’s vocals have a slight computerized distortion to them, at least that’s what it sounds like to me. No, it’s not autotune, at least I fucking hope not. Just something that adds a little more distortion to the vocals. Gives the vocals a darker or meaner sound to it.

I’m not sure Jim will like hearing all the comparisons to Pennywise but they are unavoidable since he was in the band for 20 years. The first few tracks (“The System,” “When It’s Over,” “Living with Ghosts”) are by far the best songs on the album, but the rest of the album is just as good. 10 tracks actually seems way too short for me. Just when you’re craving more songs, the album is done. But I’m hoping to catch the band live if and when they come over to the East coast. Then I could get flipped off from Jim like I have in the past.

If you’re looking for something slightly different, and a lot harder than Pennywise, then give Jim Lindberg’s new band The Black Pacific a listen! It’s got all the “whoa’s” for the punk rockers and screams for the hardcore & metal people out there.

Bottom Line: Kick-ass debut from Black Pacific!
Notable Tracks: The System, When It’s Over, Living with Ghosts, Defamer
Overall Rating:


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