The Robbie Boyd Band – “Spring Generation”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 15th, 2012

Record Label: Tawny Owl Records
Genre: Folk Rock
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British folk rockers The Robbie Boyd Band have gotten plenty of great reviews from their previous EP Autumn Flower. Their song “I Won’t Let You Go” got plenty of plays on BBC2, and I’m sure they will (or have) gotten plenty of praises for their newest EP entitled Spring Generation.

If you liked his last EP, you’ll like this one even more! It’s only 4 tracks but makes you crave a full-length album instead of wanting to skip every track. The folk movement is currently in full swing but this album teeters on folk and pop a little bit. The lyrics are catchy and the songs get stuck in my head…in a good way. The title track “Spring Generation” certainly fits that description. I think that tune is the best song on this EP. “When I Believe” starts off slow but then builds into a song I really enjoy. The only song that’s slightly slow in tempo is the last one “Unlock the Key.” I like that song but prefer the other ones before it.

Robbie Boyd’s vocals are unique and different, and when I hear music from the band, I can tell it’s them. That’s a big thing with trying to create a identity in the music business. The rest of the band surely helps Robbie out nicely with nice percussion or fiddle playing. I still think “I Won’t Let You Go” is their best song to date but I think Spring Generation is a better album overall. Granted they are both 4 track EPs…basically what I’m saying is we need a full-length album next Robbie Boyd!

Bottom Line: Robbie Boyd Band’s second EP is really catchy and I can’t stop listening to it!
Notable Tracks: When I Believe, Spring Generation
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