Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete First Season

DVD Reviews | Feb 14th, 2006

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Starring Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Ellen Pompeo, Isaiah Washington
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Studio: Disney / Buena Vista
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While other medical shows which are saturating the cable channels are focusing on either pure comedy or pure drama, such as ER and Scrubs, it’s refreshing to have Grey’s Anatomy which gives a great balance of dramatic scenes mixed with comedic romance that makes any cynic about love a true believer. The entire series makes you truly wonder what is right and what is wrong; and if there is even a real answer that question at all.

In a nutshell Grey’s Anatomy walks the viewer through the life, both personal and professional, of 5 surgical interns at Seattle’s Grace Hospital. Whether the episodes are based mainly on solving a medical mystery, or solving the quest for love, the interns are always getting themselves into tough situations. Meridith Grey, who is played by Ellen Pompeo, is a young female doctor who is fighting her way through the intern life. While she’s trying to walk in her mother’s shoes (a world renowned surgeon) she is confronted with difficult life choices that will not only affect her personal and romantic life, but will weigh heavily on her career as a surgeon. This leads us into Dr. McDreamy (also known as Derek Shepherd) one of the supervisors to the new interns. Dr Shepherd, who is played by Patrick Dempsey, is the confident and charismatic MD who not only captivates the viewer when he is on screen, but appears to be captivating the eyes and hearts of a couple of the interns as well. This balancing act between what is acceptable behavior and what is not, is the backbone of the many comical and light hearted points of the show. Sandra Oh, who won a Golden Globe for her role in the 05 series for best supporting actress in a series, plays Christina Yang, an over achiever who will do anything to promote her career, and makes it a goal everyday to get into the OR. Her determination and standoffish attitude makes her the most unapproachable character of the series. However because of this quality, she seems to be the focus of a lot of shows. Since every show needs to have a balance, we are introduced to Isobel “Izzy” Stevens who is played by Katherine Heigl. While her sexy and fun loving character makes me want to drop everything I’m doing and enroll in med school, her character is the black sheep of the bunch. Her skills as a doctor and her true dedication to saving lives is often overlooked and ignored due to her “modelesque” looks. Unfortunately for Izzy, to pay her way through med school, she was a model; which just adds ammo for the firing squad. The executioner for this particular firing squad, and show, is Dr.Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). The typical frat like character that everyone loves to hate, cracks joke after joke about whoever he wants. His nonchalant attitude towards things, and sarcastic undertones, makes you wonder how he got through med school. But more importantly, why I didn’t go to med school? The sexual tension between Dr. Karev and Izzy seems to seep through the TV when you watch the series, but as in real life, sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately for our final intern, this clich can not be truer. George Omalley (played by T.R. Knight) needs to be everyone’s friend and is the only insecure one of the bunch. He is always winding up in awkward situations with not only coworkers but patients as well. While he lives with the sexiest MDs in the hospital, he is pegged as the friend of the bunch, and this undeniable awkward situation proves to be very humorous for the viewers.

Grey’s Anatomy is arguably one of the fastest growing shows of 2005. With a fan base growing with every episode, and a strong 2006 series already in progress, there is no way to tell how many more seasons we will be given. It provides us with everything we’ve grown accustomed to from a great television series. Deep thought provoking monologs, undeniable sexual tension between cast mates, and a romantic comedic undertone that no one can deny is funny. Because of the strong feelings this show evokes in the viewer, the hope, laughter and sometimes tears it bring to your eyes, it will be no small wonder when this show is winning award after award in the upcoming years. I think the best thing to take away from the series is that there is no right or wrong, and you have the choice to choose. Unfortunately your answer will probably be found somewhere in the shade of “grey.”

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