Krull: Special Edition

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Cheesy yet fun and exciting Star Wars like fantasy. I used to hate this movie when I was younger because I was afraid of all the monsters and stuff in the film, but from seeing it from time to time on the local stations on the weekends, I grew to enjoy this movie. There’s also some great actors in this movie like Liam Neeson, and Freddie Jones. For the technical stuff, the movie is presented in Widescreen, but the picture is sometimes not the greatest because it’s from 1983. I thought the Behind The Scenes featurette was interesting and fun to watch. There’s actually a lot of extras on here. If you like fantasy movies like Star Wars, Dragonslayer, and Legend, then I would say, get this DVD because it’s a decent movie.

Widescreen Presentation
Commentary with Director Peter Yates, Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Editor Ray Lovejoy
Behind The Scenes Commentary
Marvel Comics Video Adaptation
Original Featurette: Journey To Krull
Four Photo Galleries
Talent Files




Favorite Scenes: I like when the Slayers invade Colwyn’s wedding.
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