South Park: The Complete Sixth Season

DVD Reviews | Oct 8th, 2005

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Starring Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Written By: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Directed By: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Studio: Paramount
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OI! TUGGER! The ‘Fighting Round the World’ episode is on this DVD and that’s all you need to know! That’s the classic Russell Crowe episode where he goes ’round the world fighting people. But I’ll tell you more about South Park Season 6 DVD anyway but you should get Season 6 on DVD based on that one episode alone!

South Park Season 6 starts off a nice spoof on Subway’s Jared, because well..he has “AIDES.” I loved that they went after this guy because I was sick of seeing Subway commercials with him. They were shown a lot more back when this season aired but they still show the schmuck on TV. Season 6 contains lots of funny episodes, but also some episodes that were just OUT THERE, like the episode featuring the rodent Lemmiwinks. That episode was an obvious spoof off the old Hobbit cartoon. It was just so weird, you have to laugh at it. This season also features the first episode with Professor Chaos, the villain causing chaos and mayhem across South Park. Well not really, it’s just a rejected Butters playing a bad guy and thinking he’s evil. The guys fire Butters as their new best friend, since Kenny actually died and stayed dead for awhile. Stan, Kyle and Cartman try out other neighborhood kids to see if they got what it takes. Though Kenny comes back at the very last episode, which was hilarious because it’s out of nowhere! Season 6 also has the episodes where the kids are playing Lord of the Rings and have to return the one porn back to the video store, the group battles Steven Spielberg & George Lucas about re-re-releasing movies, an episode about Butters trying to come up with things to do to the the town but the Simpsons already did them, a Chinese food guy builds a “city wall (pronounced shitty wall)” around South Park, and Santa gets shot down in Iraq and Jesus has to save the day.

There’s so many GOOD episodes in this season, i’m sure I’m forgetting some episodes to tell you about. I especially liked the episode where the kids and the parents go to Aspen for a ski trip and the whole episode turns into Better Off Dead. I loved the 80’s teen movie spoofs, and people might recognize one of the songs in that episode, it’s the montage song from Team America. I knew I heard that song from somewhere before. Meanwhile, Cartman hazes Butters as the new friend, like taking a pee on him while he sleeps, or giving him a Hitler. Which is sticking your finger up your ass and giving them a Hitler mustache. You won’t see that on the Simpsons that’s for sure! But by far, my two favorite episodes of this season is the Russell Crowe episode and the Black Hawk Down spoof with Santa Claus getting shot down in Iraq. The Russell Crowe theme song is sung by my friends and I all the time, and the quotes from that episode are used frequently. I just think it’s one of the best episodes they did throughout the whole series, because besides the Crowe part of the episode, the kids have to sit thru a TV show to see a trailer. Which I’ll be honest, I have done many times. And the trailer they show is EXACTLY what teaser trailers are and people still get excited over it. Kind of ridiculous when you think about it. The Xmas episode was brilliant too because while the kids are trying to save Xmas with Jesus and Mr Hankey; Jimmy, the handicap kid is singing the whole episode. It’s just so torturous to watch but man, it’s hilarious! Plus I love this one quote that was given from one of the underpants gnomes. “what the hell are we supposed to do, we’re like 4 inches high!” or “they shocked Santa’s balls!” I can just keep going on and on about South Park’s sixth season. It really is one of the best seasons.

This season definitely starts to really get into the social/political commentary zone that we know South Park to be now. It just seems like every episode Matt and Trey have something to make fun of, and I’m always curious to see what South Park has to say about this issue or that issue. Oh, the pope died, I wonder what South Park will do. Oh there’s a nasty hurricane down South, I wonder what the South Park guys will come up with now. Yeah, those are bad things to begin with but eventually I’m thinking that. Yeah, ok good, I covered myself nicely. It just seems South Park is heading to a different direction at this point and getting really smart with their comedy. I’m all for it because I think the show hasn’t been funnier.

With all South Park DVD releases, there’s been mini-commentaries which have received cheers/jeers from people. I personally like the mini-commentaries because they get all the good stuff out of the way and proceed to the next episode. Though sometimes, they don’t talk about something you’d expect them to talk about so I see how it can be frustrating for people. I think the commentaries from Matt and Trey are hilarious at times, and they just get to the point. They know when they are babbling and move on. I listened to a few minis and they talked about getting a letter from Spielberg, and personal stories about Russell Crowe, and just other things concerning the episodes they were talking about. I still would like to see some behind the scenes featurettes and other extras about the show but i’m sure Matt and Trey aren’t into that sort of thing. If they would do something, I think they will make the extras really funny and different but whatever, I’ll take the mini-commentaries. This is by far one of the best South Park seasons (until season 7 comes out haha) to come out on DVD. There’s just too many damn episodes that are hilarious so this is definitely worth buying even though you might see these on TV every once and awhile. but all I got to say is “Making movies, making music, fightin’ round the world!”

Commentary by Creators of South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: New Terrence and Phillip Movie Trailer, Asspen, Professor Chaos, Simpsons Already Did it, Free Hat, The return of the Fellowship…, The Biggest Douche in the Universe, Red Sleigh Down
Rating: NR
Running Time: 374 minutes
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