Stephen Lynch @ The Loft, Poughkeepsie NY

Live Reviews | Jun 3rd, 2003

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Date: June 6th 2003
Venue: The Loft

I asked The Chance to get Stephen Lynch and they said “they talked to his agent,” a week later he was booked and I was happy as retard who just got a balloon! Then it was time to tell everyone about the show. I think this was originally booked for Thursday but they changed it to Friday. Who cares, I could have went both times, not like I have a job or anything. Anyway, My friends and I arrived at The Chance Complex around 8 o’ clock and didn’t have a clue where to go for The Loft.

There was a huge line near Club Crannel St. so we figured that’s where it was and it was. So we headed for the end of the long line. Though the line moved pretty quickly so it wasn’t that bad. We made our way inside the closet of a club called The Loft and it was hot as hell in there. My balls were sticking to my legs and I smelled like a NYC taxi driver. The club was already filled up, and they could have probably made a lot more room if they didn’t put down chairs. But it was a comedy show after all so I guess a few seats wouldn’t hurt. My friends and I got a decent spot in front of stage area, in the walkway area so we had to keep moving when people walked by. Yeah that was “fun.” Some fat guy with big bug eyes (He scared me) came on stage and it was some DJ from the local classic rock station, 101.5 WPDH, in the Hudson valley and apparently they were sponsoring the show.

I guess some DJs had to since Opie and Anthony aren’t on the air. He did his little intro thing and then introduced Stephen Lynch. He came on and was jumping up and down like crazy and did some Rocky punching thing that was quite funny. Then he got on the mic was screaming in a heavy metal voice “Hello Poughkeepsie!!!” He was making jokes about The Chance, saying he was playing in the basement of a Church. He then was riffing on the fuzzy black thing on the mic and was putting it up to his face and doing Enrique and Aaron Neville songs. It’s the little stuff like that can’t be reproduced on CD, that’s why seeing him live is so much fun. Stephen played many tracks from his Cds including “Half A Man,” “Talk To Me,” “Lullaby,” “Priest,” “Special Ed,” and “Gay.” When he did the fan favorite “Superhero,” I love when he has to make the audience make up a superhero. I don’t think many of the fans got what do to though because they were screaming out ones that were said on his “Superhero” Cd, but Stephen did the joke anyway. Some funny ones that people screamed out were “Date Rape Man” “Tastes Myself Man” and “Anal Avenger.” I was going to scream out Anal Avenger but I figure that was a generic one, guess I was right. During the whole show, it would take Stephen like 15 minutes to get through each song because there would be screaming and wooing when he even opened his mouth. I think he was getting annoyed with it but I guess that’s better than hearing crickets in the audience. There always has to be one stupid heckler at every comedy show and he even got his when Lynch said “I don’t go down to the place you work and slap the cock out of your mouth.” I had to cheer that and most of the crowd did as well.

Another thing that I like during Lynch’s set was when he does his songs that are “incomplete.” Songs like “For the Ladies” “Taxi Driver” and “What if that guy from smashing pumpkins.” Just hearing people’s reaction to the song “For the Ladies” is price of admission itself! haha. Towards the end of his set he brought up one of his friends on stage and they did the song “She’s Gotta Smile” (our theme song for our Florida trip hehe), “Best Friends” and “D&D.” they also did an unfinished song, in the style of classic rock. He finished his set with “Down at the Old Pun Instead” and thanked the crowd. The big eyed DJ came back on stage and made the crowd keep cheering so Lynch and his friend could come back on. He did and Stephen Lynch was like “what the fuck, a comedy encore?” or something along those lines. He then played “Kill A Kitten” and I was hoping he would because I haven’t heard that one live yet. The next song is just a comedy classic and it’s so wrong you have to laugh. He played “Special Olympics” and the whole crowd was singing along and Lynch said he felt like Bon Jovi or some rock star haha. The show ended and it was a great one. I’m sure he’ll be back at The Chance again, and actually played at the Theater this time because he practically sells his shows out and has a great fanbase. Definitely check out Stephen Lynch when he’s in your area. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you’re a fruit loop who doesn’t like this type of sick humor.


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