The Original Kings of Comedy

Movie Reviews | Aug 18th, 2000

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Starring Steve Harvey, DL Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac
Directed By: Spike Lee

Hailed as the next generation “Eddie Murphy:Raw” it certainly proved that. I was happy to have seen this in theaters, because it’s like watching an HBO stand up special but on a much larger screen.

I think I like it better watching it at home though. I was there fairly early because I didn’t want to deal with anyone in the theaters and there was maybe 10 people in there.

The movie was filmed in Charlotte, NC and sometimes the movie seemed grainy but from the comedy of this show it didn’t even matter. Steve Harvey was like the MC. He came out and did a few minutes of stand up and would introduce the other comics. He would come back to do another few minutes and so on so forth. Man, I think he was the best one. One of the best bits was him attacking hip hop music. That shit was funny!

I really can’t explain the bits because I would be here for hours. He then introduced DL Hughley, who came out and did some of his usual stand up. Some of it I saw on his HBO special last year. It still makes me laugh. In between some of the routines, they did some behind the scenes stuff, which was cool. You see how they get along off stage and one scene was the four of them playing cards. Another was them outside on a basketball court talking about who they would best resemble in the NBA. Those got a few laughs from me.

Cedric the Entertainer and Bernie Mac were both funny. They had some stuff that was great, some of it lagged. Cedric the Entertained did a bit about reggae which I enjoyed. Bernie Mac was last and I couldn’t understand him for some of the lines. He still was good. Overall, an awesome comedy movie. I laughed out loud for most of the movie. Definitely see this if you appreciate comedy. It should not be missed.

Favorite Scenes: Definately Steve Harvey’s comparison of Motown and Hip Hop
Running Time: 0 minutes
Overall Rating:


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