Ocean’s Eleven

Movie Reviews | Dec 7th, 2001

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Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, Andy Garcia, Elliott Gould, Carl Reiner, Don Cheadle, Scott Caan, Casey Affleck, “The Yes I Am” guy from the old lotto commercials, Anyone who ever acted before
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Directed By: Steven Soderbergh
I can’t believe how many good actors are in this movie. I heard about Ocean’s 11 around last year’s Oscars and I was curious to see how it would be with all this star power. Well this film was fun to watch and it was also a great film.

Ocean’s Eleven was an original movie by The Rat Pack and it just wasn’t good. I saw some of it and it was boring to me. But this re-make,re-imagined, re-whatever is totally different. The film is about Danny Ocean, a thief who just got released from the joint, and wants to rob 3 Vegas casinos, owned by Harry Benedict (Andy Garcia). It’s basically an impossible job, but there needs to be lots of preparing and a big crew to pull it off. Danny Ocean and Dusty Ryan (Pitt) recruit 9 more people for the job. I really liked this movie because it was really fun. You can tell the actors had a great time filming this.

I probably would have a great time if my work environment was a damn casino. I think this is one of the best heist movies I’ve seen. The Score and The Heist are just a few that I saw this year that don’t compare to this. For Ocean’s 11, there was one scene in the beginning that was really hilarious. It involved some teen stars from various sitcoms playing poker with Dusty Ryan, teaching them the rules, tricks, etc. I liked the characters who are the twin brothers because it reminded me of my twin brother Matt and I. Everyone who was in this movie acted good, and Steven Soderbergh did a terrific job directing this. The music in the film is little jazzy, lounge type of music that makes the movie feel like you’re in Vegas.

“Vegas Baby, Vegas!” I don’t have too many complaints about this flick because it rocked. It was meant to be a fun film with great acting and it didn’t disappoint. Definitely check this one out if you like any of these actors or actress (Julia Roberts mostly) and if you like heist movies. The ending of the movie looked like it might be a sequel but who knows. Time will tell.

Favorite Scenes: I liked the poker game in the beginning, and the scene with Bernie Mac & Matt Damon during the heist.
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 117 minutes
Overall Rating:


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