2015 New Fall TV Shows Preview

Articles | Sep 24th, 2015

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Each year, all the networks decide to shove all these new & most of the time crappy Fall TV shows down our throats. It’s hard to know what is good anymore. We don’t know either but we’ll try to help out by giving you our snap judgments of each show….but in 5 words. We’re lazy writers, what do you want from us.

Angel from Hell
Airs: November 5th at 9:30pm on CBS

No Such Things As Angels

Ash Vs Evil Dead
Airs: October 31st at 9pm on Starz

Bruce Campbell is a God

The Bastard Executioner
Airs: September 15th at 10pm on FX

Definitely Not Game of Thrones

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris
Airs: September 15th at 10pm on NBC

Do Another Harold & Kumar Instead

Airs: September 21st at 10pm on NBC

Nude Tattoo Chick with amnesia

Blood & Oil
Airs: September 27th at 9pm on ABC

Nash Bridges just got Crockett-ed

Chicago Med
Airs: November 17th at 9pm on NBC

Who Cares About Doctor Shows

Code Black
Airs: September 30th at 10pm on CBS

Holy shit, another Doctor show

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Airs: October 21st at 8pm on The CW

Worst DC Comics show ever

Dr Ken
Airs: October 2nd at 8:30pm on ABC

That guy from The Hangover

Flesh and Bone
Airs: November 8th at 8pm on Starz

Heel, toe, heel, toe…VENGENANCE!!!

Airs: September 29th at 8pm on Fox

John Stamos has excellent genes

The Grinder
Airs: September 29th at 8:30pm on Fox

Rob Lowe uses Grindr app?

Heroes Reborn
Airs: September 24th at 8pm on NBC

Even superheroes can be boring

Indian Summers
Airs: September 27th at 9pm on PBS

Grandparents wouldn’t even watch this

Life in Pieces
Airs: September 21st at 8:30pm on CBS

CBS’ Modern Family rip-off

Airs: September 22nd at 10pm on CBS

Man uses brain, women rejoice

The Man in the High Castle
Streams: November 20th on Amazon

French Taunter in Holy Grail

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
Airs: September 26th at 9:30pm on Disney XD

Chris Pratt’s abs: Cartoon Edition

Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Streams: November 20th on Netflix

Marvel’s Don’t Trust The B—

Master of None
Streams: November 6th on Netflix

Aziz tries to make Louie

Minority Report
Airs: September 21st at 9pm on Fox

This stars Fez not Cruise

Moonbeam City
Airs: September 16th at 10:30pm on Comedy Central

Not Frank Zappa’s kid name

The Muppets
Airs: September 22nd at 8pm on ABC

Puppets Getting Fisted By Humans

The Player
Airs: September 24th at 10pm on NBC

Blade in Vegas…hell yeah!

Airs: September 27th at 10pm on ABC

Because all FBI agents are sexy…

Red Oaks
Streams: October 9th on Amazon

Way Way Back The Series

Airs: September 23rd at 8pm on Fox

Morris Chestnut’s latest career failure

Airs: October 26th at 8:30pm on CBS

Dean Cain appears, show doomed

Truth Be Told
Airs: October 16th at 8:30pm on NBC

Grown up Zach Morris alert

Wicked City
Airs: October 27th at 10pm on ABC

LAPD actually do their jobs


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