Best in Music 2008: Part 2

Articles | Dec 17th, 2008

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Top 50 Albums of the Year

1. Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes / Sun Giant EP

From one of my first listens of the Sun Giant EP, I could tell that there was something special about this band. They have the right combination of melody, vocal stylings and a sound that is both retro and new. All praise for them from the media is warranted, and then some. I read recently about how some critics were thinking that the Fleet Foxes would rank very highly on critic lists but not fan-polled lists. But I disagree. While some may not find the folk-tinged sound of the band appealing, they have quickly and readily created a loyal fanbase and become one of the biggest indie rock bands out there.

2. TV On The Radio Dear Science

It was hard not to put this album at number one, but I think being number two in an amazing year for music is pretty impressive. Ill be honest in saying that TV on the Radio never really did it for me. I liked their sound a bit, but other than a couple of songs, I never got into them. When I heard this album, it all changed. Theyre tighter, poppier, and just as sonically interesting as they ever were. More than that though, theyve constructed a perfectly sequenced album without any skippable tracks, which is no small feat. This one is a modern classic.

3. Mother Mother O My Heart

A few months ago, I hadnt heard of Mother Mother. I was sent a promo of their album to review, and it completely floored me with awesomeness. Part of it was that they have a style so familiar yet so unique, and that they write pop songs with such unusual hooks that cant help but be hummed. They sound like a band comfortable with their own sound and style and willing to embrace it. Dont let this one slip through the cracks.

4. Shearwater Rook

I love later era Talk Talk, and Im pretty sure Shearwater does too. Because this thing really sounds steeped in the dark, melodic sound of their forbearers. And thats a wonderful thing, because they do it well. Theres something about Jonathan Meiburgs voice that is instantly appealing, and his ability to carry many of the songs is what makes this such a great album.

5. Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago

Perhaps the most wintry album released in a little while, this is the perfect soundtrack for a cold afternoon pining for a lost love. The album especially shines on its centerpieces G