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Articles | Jun 3rd, 2009

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Last night’s episode of Man Vs Wild (err Men vs Wild with Will Ferrell) was a hilarious episode! What a brilliant idea! Who would have thought that these two guys together would make for great TV! Will Ferrell was on Bear Grylls’ Discovery Channel show Man Vs Wild last night, to cross-promote his latest film “Land of the Lost.” If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be sure to watch it because I’m going to talk about things they did on the show.

The duo was going to tackle the artic climate in the Swedish mountains in this episode. The opening scene sees Bear flying in a helicopter and they pick up Will in a remote location. The “heli” flies up to the mountains and they have to get off by rope. Will Ferrell is screaming for his mommy on the way down…I know I would be. Will’s sense of humor was a much needed addition to the show and it’s nice to finally see Bear Grylls crack a smile. Sure, survival shows are supposed to be serious but everyone needs a laugh every now and then. I almost wish Bear Grylls did another show where he takes celebrities out into the wilderness and teaches them survival skills. It makes for some fun TV!

The start of the journey, Bear throws Will some supplies to have, including a Twinkie for emergencies. As soon as Bear turns his back, Will scarfs down the Twinkie. Bear claimed half of that was for him. Oops. As they trek along in the snow, Will makes subtle jokes that makes Bear chuckle. This isn’t the usual Will Ferrell, the one running around in his tighty whities. You get the sense he didn’t really know what he was getting himself into. He even joked that he didn’t even like camping. At one point, there was a scary moment when he was lowering Bear down a cliff, and Bear would have died if he didn’t have a rope on him. Will looked quite shocked by that moment. As they continue on, they try to make up ground but the snow is just too high. Bear teaches Will to make snowshoes out of birch branches. Will claimed he already knew how to make them, but with using pine instead. The snowshoes work a little bit but you can tell Will has a tough time walking in them. He eventually tells Bear “fuck the snowshoes.”

They make camp using trees as a shell and build snow around that. Earlier the day, they found a reindeer carcass with most of the guts removed from a hunter. The skin is left there along with the head. Bear brought the skin and head for food. Will jumps at the moment to say he’s got dibs on the eyeballs for eating. I think Will knew what he was going to get into food-wise on the show. He kept making jokes to Bear to let him know when it was okay to drink his own urine. I have a strange feeling that the reindeer carcass was planted for them. They throw the deer head on the fire and Bear tries out the deer head first. It’s not good he says but I’ve seen him eat a lot worse. The eyeballs look like gooey slim & spit, and Bear eats it. Will eats part of the eye socket and his face is priceless. I’m surprised he didn’t puke it back up but perhaps he was REALLY hungry? I would have barfed all over the place. After that, they go to bed.

The morning sees them eating off the rest of the burnt reindeer head and Will enjoyed the pieces he ate. It’s just meat right? At one point, Will was making fun of Bear’s accents and some of the words he pronounces. I’m so glad he did because I’m sure all Americans giggle at the way Bears says “Glacier” or “Vitamins.” Bear did some teasing of his own and made fun of Will’s hat. They had a lot of ground to catch up on since they had to meet the helicopter later that day.

Bear climbed a tree to get their bearings, and Will slowly followed up the tree. He didn’t get very far though. As Bear headed down the tree, Will had a look in his eyes. He was going to do something. All of a sudden, he tackled Bear to the snowy ground. He promised Bear he was going to sneak attack him, to see if his Special Forces skills were going to help. Will said they failed him. That was hysterical to see.

Eventually, they made there way to the top of the mountains and lit a fire to signal for the helicopter. Will had a bit of scare when getting onto the helicopter ladder and almost fell. But he got back up, and they flew away. At the end, Will claimed he hated Bears for making him cry and said he yelled at him off camera a lot of times. Bear claimed that Will cuddled with him in the middle of night, thinking it was his wife. It’s nice to see Bear dish stuff back at Will. Even if some of these things were staged, it was still the best Man Vs Wild episode ever! I was laughing the entire time and hope either Will Ferrell returns to the show or Bear invites some other celebs along.

Here’s Bear Grylls’ Top 10 memories with shooting with Will Ferrell:

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