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Articles | Sep 5th, 2013

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Don’t get me wrong, I love Conan’s show on TBS but ever since he left NBC, his show has been missing a few things that made his earlier Late Night show the best! I blame NBC for that since they probably “own” all these things Conan and his staff have created. Conan used to have things like Staring Contests, Desk Driving, [Celebrity] Secrets, Via Satellite, a fake David Copperfield, lots more of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, In The Year 2000, Party Photos with Max and Joel and of course The Walker Texas Ranger Lever.

Desk Driving

On other shows, this might be really lame but Conan and Andy would make this stupid and fun. When Andy wasn’t on the show anymore, Conan would pick someone out of the audience to do the driving with him and it usually made it ten times funnier. Sadly, this bit is gone from Conan’s show when he went to LA for the Tonight Show.

Staring Contests

You think staring contests would be boring but not with Conan and Andy. It usually had the two of them sitting there trying not to break their concentration. Behind Conan would be things to make Andy skirm, laugh, flinch, get grossed out with and by the end of it, Andy usually couldn’t take it. Conan won just about every contest except the last time.

Andy finally wins!

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

Triumph still does Conan’s show from time to time but nowhere near the frequency he used. The best from Triumph is still the Star Wars movie line. Here are some gems from him.

In The Year 2000

In the Year 2000 was a staple on Conan but once Conan went to the Tonight Show, it wasn’t really done too much after that (I think his live tour?). Not sure if NBC has the rights to this, or Conan got sick of the bit. They could always do in the year 3000? After Andy left, Conan’s guests would come out and do it with him and it worked just as well.

David Copperfield

Not too many people remember this reoccurring bit in the beginning of Late Night, but Conan used to have fake David Copperfield (Chuck Sklar) on his show. He would walk around the streets of Manhattan and pretend to do magic, even though it’s normal things like using the elevator, using a vending machine, washing machine and other things.

Party Photos

Man, I miss Max and Joel! Having those guys do these various party photos and have Conan talk about it afterwards was some brilliant stuff! I don’t know why Conan doesn’t continue to do this because it was always funny to me.

Via Satellite

The talking heads like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, George Bush, Michael Jackson and my favorite Arnold “Jingle all the way!” Schwarzenegger were on his show all the way until he left for The Tonight Show. Such comedy gold, usually from Robert Smigel, but man I wish he continued to do this.

Jerk Max Weinberg

Drummer Max Weinberg had this sex creep persona on the show, which was hilarious since that’s probably the opposite of how he really is. Since Max didn’t go over to the Tonight Show and TBS’ Conan, that creep void has been missing from Conan’s show.

Jarod Miller

Jarod Miller was the young animal trainer guy who came on the show with exotic animals. Everytime he appeared on Late night, it was always chaos or a near diaster. The funny part was Conan constantly belittling him and making fun of him. I’m not sure if Jarod has appeared on Conan since The Tonight Show or Late Night, but I wonder if he got sick of Conan making fun of him. I can’t remember if he’s been on Conan at all but he definitely should go back!

Celebrity Secrets

These things were so random, weird but hysterical! The Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford ones were the best I think.

A bunch…

Walker Texas Ranger Lever

A Conan article wouldn’t be complete without the absurd Walker Texas Ranger Lever. That show was bad!! It’s a bummer Conan can’t show these clips anymore. The last time he did show these it was on his live tour.

….and I leave you with this gem of all gems!

Think I missed something (yes, yes the Masturbating Bear and If They Mated), well let me know in the comments!


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