Interviews | Jun 19th, 2006

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Antler play a soulful mix of grizzled, southern-fried 70s rock and dark southern swamp rock. I spoke with Jason, who is a dear.

I notice that Johnny Cash is somewhat of an influence on your music. Why Johnny Cash and not Queensryche?
Jason: Who says there’s no Queensryche in there?? Haven’t you noticed how much “Dead By Valentines” sounds like “Jet City Woman”?

Your music makes me want to eat grits. What does it make YOU want to do?
It makes me want to slip a hot knife between the 5th and 6th ribs of a complete stranger. Either that or get into a time machine and travel back to 1969 so i can bang Michelle Philips on some sun-baked back porch of a hollywood hills coke pad. Depends on what day it is.

I heard a nasty rumor that you guys AREN’T from the southern swamplands, but a bunch of chowdaheads from Boston. Care to comment? And how did you feel about the stupid Patriots?
Its’ true, we’re from new england where the original rednecks kicked some limey ass about 240 years ago. Then we kicked the south’s ass after that. Then we treated the rest of the US to a back to back whopping in baseball AND football. So you should really be the one telling me how it feels to be a LOSER, loser.

Was NASCAR invented to keep southerners too lazy to rise up again?
Are you shitting me??? What do you think goes on in New Hampshire?? or Indiana??? Or didn’t you know that NASCAR is #1 in American sports attendance with football bringing up 2nd?? Besides that, California is by far the laziest state in the US.

How come there’s 31,000 google results for your name? Are you secretly famous? Can I have your autograph to sell on ebay?
I took a shit today that looks like Jesus. Maybe you can put that on Ebay, right next to the Virgin Mary grill cheese sandwhich.

I read that you were in a bunch of metal bands. Isn’t Operation: Mindcrime the best fucking album ever?
“Too Fast For Love” is the greatest album ever. Points deducted for Geoff Tate’s ponytail.

God, I love Operation: Mindcrime.
And I love bowling. Whats yer point??

Who is your arch-nemesis?
Sully from Godsmack. Midget Wiccans copping Metallica poses really piss me off.

What were your favorite toys as a kid?
Buckknife, nailgun, porno and lots of free time.

How do you like your steak?
I like my steak the same way i like my women: warm, juicy, brown on the outside and pink on the inside.

Describe your band using an 17-syllable haiku.
smoke filled stag bite hurt face blood beer. whatever.

When this interview’s over, wanna come and rock out to Mindcrime?
That depends. How much cocaine are you bringing with you?? It better be a lot.

Visit the Antler here. Buy Mindcrime here .