Billy Milano (MOD/SOD)

Interviews | Nov 30th, 1998

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Love him or hate him, Billy Milano speaks his mind. The frontman of MOD and formerly of SOD (which featured Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Charlie Benante) is a big, scary, angry dude, but he was kind enough to answer some of my Q&As…

You helped found the NYHC scene. Apologize.
For what, I was a part of the scene early on. Like 1981 and hung for many years. It’s not the same scene I left. But who cares, I lived it when it was real.

What was the most brutal beatdown you’ve ever given or received?
I don’t fight.

Obviously MOD and SOD used satire and irony to ridicule fascist and racist morons. I remember when there was all this controversy because people took the first-person lyrics at face value – do you find that’s still the case, or has the world become even more sensitive and PC? Could “Speak English or Die” be released today without you getting firebombed?
I think it’s funny that German journalists call me a NAZI. I always say to them, “During WW2 my farther was killing yours”. So I personally don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. But some people need to get slapped around. PC IS NOT FOR ME.

Back when you guys first started, like a hundred years ago, did kids in Who shirts show up to your shows on Vespas, thinking they were going to see a Mod band?
NO – in fact, I popped all their tires so they couldn’t come.

How do you feel about all these bands trying to fool the fans and make money off your name, like POD, GOD, etc.?
Fuck them – pay me.

Have you spoken to any Anthrax folks lately? Have relations improved since you guys got all pissy with each other?
Scott and I are talking, but Charlie is the biggest wimp I have ever met.

Nu-metal – what will it take to kill it?
A curfew – hahahhahaha

Your new album – I heard it’s a bit more progressive. Does it sound anything like Rush?
No – I wish, but it will give you a rash.

Who would you rather spend a quiet dinner with – Scott Ian or Courtney Love?
Is it possible to have a quiet evening with Cunty Love? But at least if I hang with her their is a good chance she might offer to pay. But to expect Scott to pay is unrealistic. He once shoved a penny in his ass and it was so tight it turned into a nickel an hour later.

In 50 words or less, describe your politics.
New Age Conservative. I believe that everything starts with ACCOUNTABILITY.

What’s your biggest accomplishment and biggest regret?
S.O.D. – biggest accomplishment – It was meant to be huge
S.O.D. – biggest regret – Because Johnny Z and Anthrax stole everything that was original from it and me and used it in ANTHRAX. Possibly the most boring people I have ever met.

As annoying as any of these questions were, at least I didn’t ask what M.O.D. stands for. When people ask that, do you make up fake answers or just beat them to death with a rake?
I give them funny answers, Monkeys On Dope, Menopause Over-Dose, Mothers Of Doom, Meat On Doughnuts, shit like that.

The Rebel You Love To Hate is out now on Nuclear Blast. Enter the politically incorrect world of Billy Milano here.