Call 14

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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What’s your name and what instrument do you TRY to play?
Paul: Paul and I’m stuck with the joys of singing, as well as trying to get some sound out of my bass.

Tom: Tom, Drums…I guess

Disney: Diz (Disney) and I try to play the guitar

Lauren: I’m LaLaLauren! I get to TRY and play the guitar

How would you describe your awful music?
Paul: Somewhere between Brittney Spears and Iron Maiden.

Tom: Uninspired Garbage (except Another Disease, that has potential..well, if another band played it.

Disney: If you even consider it music, I guess you can say we are punk… What is punk?

Lauren: It’s fun…yet the lyrics are so not happy…boohoo

Which member needs to pick up the slack? Tom, Right?
Paul: It’s not so much a need to pick up slack as a need to go back to the drawing board, and just start all over.
Tom: Financially
Disney: Who?
Lauren: Absolutely

Do you guys ever play anywhere besides basements?
Paul: Oh, there are summerhouses, in the woods where no one could hear us, and sometimes at Sweet Sixteen parties. That’s where all the girls are.

Tom: Sweet 16s

Disney: Since I’ve been in the band, we’ve only played at one place… The place next to McDonald’s down the road from Paul’s house.

Lauren: If only…

And if so, what was the biggest crowd you guys played for..10, 15 people?
Paul: Oh, believe it or not, we had a few hundred at one show… OK, it’s not true, they all left before we came on…

Tom: 213, all family of course

Disney: We almost had a double digit crowd… Almost 10 this time!

Lauren: Our best show was for about 10 people…our biggest crowd was like 200 but we sucked that night so it doesnt really count does it?

What are some of your influences?
Paul: I strictly listen to whatever cheesy pop station is on where I am. The cheesier the better. Then I try to sound exactly like them, so we can get noticed by major labels, and sell our souls for a piece of that preverbal pie.

Tom: Lindsey-Food-Sleep

Disney: As I grew up, I listened to Green Day, Blink 182, MxPX… The emo stuff

Lauren: I’m not saying because you all will make fun of me

I’m too lazy to do any research about you guys. What are your songs about: Breaking up with girls and getting grounded?

What’s Call 14? Is that how old the band members are?
Paul: That’s how old our dream girls are…

Tom: Just Lauren.

Disney: Call 14? No it’s not the age we are… It’s the age of the girls we go after….

Lauren: Tom and Paul have this obsession with 14year olds….

Which Simpsons character do you relate to the most?
Paul: that would have to be either Disco Stu, Cletus, or Lenny.

Tom: Otto, because with my bandmates dedication. I’ll be driving a bus for a living in no time!

Disney: Homer… Always confused and happy go lucky guy….

Lauren: Homer…because I like to eat :)

Which bands would you like to open for? NOTE: open for, not headlining.
Paul: Oh, if only White Snake were around… I would open for them. Maybe Richie Valens, oh wait, he’s dead… Um… Louis Armstrong.

Tom: Tour with Taking Back Sunday, they would blow us off the stage,but at least I could see them everynight

Disney: Green Day… They are my main reason I play today

Lauren: Opening for NoFx would be fun fun, I would say Metallica but then Paul would either break up with me or kick me out of the band so I wont say it, I’ll just think it….I’d also love to open for AFI, the Offspring, Bad Religion ect ect…

Any final thoughts, plugs, comments?
Paul: I’d like to that my mom, and Jesus; My producer, and my hommies, who always get my back; That cute girl with no legs and to all the fans out there. We have your numbers, and we WILL play your 16th birthday party.

Tom:, We are booking a tour, book us! Clubs,basements,bedrooms,dorms whatever.

Disney: Fuck fuck shit fuck… It’s your friendly neighborhood spiderman!

Lauren: Yea, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE US. :) Have a nice day and thanx for the interview


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