Dancehall Crashers

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Where did you come up with the name dance hall crashers?
Taken from an old comp.

What are the names for all the band members? and if you have nicknames for each other what are they?
Elyse, Karina, Jason, Gavin, Mikey. I call Mikey the Nuge.

What’s the best/worst show you ever played and with who?
Best is a long list. Worst was probably one with Bad Religion in Montreal. They just didn’t dig it there.

What is your favorite venue and favorite city to go to on tour?
Tokyo. Any venue.

What is your mode of transportation on tour? does it have a name?
It varies and everything has a name.

Who has the best/worst hygiene in the band?
Mikey and Mikey.

What is the craziest fan experience you have ever had?
I dunno, our fans aren’t that crazy.

Who did you vote for…. for president and why?
Al Gore. Seemed the best choice to me.

Who are the bands musical influences?
The Clash, Op Ivy, the Special, the English Beat, the Beatles, Elvis Costello, the Police.

Are any of your married or have any kids?

Would you ever go on MTV and why?
We have. Because they played some of our videos.

Were any of you in bands before DHC and if so…… which ones?
Yep, Jason was ina few punk bands: Downfall, Breakaway, Rabid Lassie. The rest of us were too, but you likely haven’t heard of them.

Where are you all from?
The SF Bay Area for all intents and purposes of this form interview.

How do you think the music (ska/punk) scene has changed since you have come onto it? has it changed for the better or the worse?
Been around it for years. Just seems to have more kids in it and more bands that make more money.

Who’s worse korn or limp bizcuit?

What’s in your cd players right now?
In mine is a disc I burned of a few different Mile Davis gigs from the early ’60s with the new quintet.

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