Days Lasting

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Um who the hell are you? Give me some history about the band?
We are the wonderful band Days Lasting. We started back in the summer of 03′ just fuckin around. Then finally we decided to write some originals, and things just picked up from there.

Days Lasting sounds very emo, is that the kind of crap you guys play?
Hahaha well we have more of a punk rock type sound to us, but our lyrics have more of an emo influence.

Why do you write songs about touching children?
Hahaha well sometimes you just gotta go for the good things in life.

Have you guys actually played a show yet or just played a show for your sister’s barbie dolls?
LOL yea we have played a couple of shows but the barbie dolls gave us the best response.

Does your band sound like the Kids at Widney High?
Well if we knew who these chaps are we could compare.

Editor’s Note: Kids at Widney High were the group of retards in some school singing songs like “Insects” and “Throw Away The Trash.” Go download it!!

How do you continually find new and inventive ways to suck?
See we watch many “how to” videos and also have bought many books…i think we got the hang of it…the men seem pleased with our quality job.

What are some of your musical influences? Is the Penetrators one of them?
O hells yes. We all have loved the Penetrators, but we also have had other influences some being The Starting Line, Senses Fail, Yellowcard.

Editor’s Note: The Penetrators were this crappy awful high school band I was in with JP’s brother Robert. We covered “Someday I Suppose.” Robert sang like Vanilla Ice and I was a dancer haha. Yeah we were bad. I have the video to prove it too!

You have a debut CD coming out soon, why should people buy this?
Well it shall be pleasuresome from start to end….and we’ll show everyone our new and inventive sucking techniques

Have you hooked up with some hot 12 year old groupies yet?
Hahaha…well there was this one time….yada yada yada boy was i tired

Do you have a website for people not to go to?
that we do

Final Comments?
Yea if you know any fine ass 12 yr olds send em our way!!