Double Clutch

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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How did the band come together? Was Gary Coleman involved at all?
Gavin: Yes Gary Coleman was a very influential part in the forming of DoubleClutch.

Drew: Yes, he is an inspiration to short people, like me, everywhere.

Are you guys old enough to vote? Are you voting for Gary Coleman?
Everyone: Yes we are old enough to vote.

Drew & Gavin: We are only going to be in this state for 4 more months so we don’t care about who the governor is.

Mike & Efrem: No, I am voting for Arnold “The Terminator”.

How does your music relate to Gary Coleman?
Gavin: ” What you talkin’ ‘bout Willis?” sums up our music style.

Do you think Gary Coleman is allowed on Roller Coasters?
Mike: Of course not, there’s a height requirement.

Efrem: Are the teacups considered roller coasters?

Drew: I think that should be his first order of business, to change the height requirement.

Different Strokes rocks! Your thoughts?
Drew: I used to watch Different Strokes in my underwear.

Do you think Webster can kick Gary Coleman’s ass?
Drew: No I think Gary Coleman could take him any day, I’d pay good money to see that fight too.

Can you guys cover the Different Strokes theme song?
Gavin: We will start working on that.

Do you think Arnold ever found out what Willis was talkin’ ‘ bout?
Gavin: Arnold is what Willis was talkin’ about.

Would you have sex with Gary Coleman, or is that too much like pedophilia?
Efrem: I don’t have sex with politicians.

Did you see Dana Plato’s soft porn movie ” Different Strokes”? You think Gary Coleman wacked off to that?
Gavin: Probably and we’re going to rent it tonight.

Would you rather drink a gallon of your own urine or a five-ounce cup of Gary Coleman’s sperm?
Everyone: A gallon of my own urine.

Plug something Willis.
Gavin: DoubleClutch is a pop-punk kick in the Willis

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