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Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Well here’s everyone’s favorite question: How did the band get started?
ok, here’s the story from my point of view. My first band had just broken up, Perilous, it was this really high school ska band, and it was just bad. You know, I didn’t know what love was or anything really at the time, I was only 15, so you know, I wrote about stuff I knew about, and I knew that I had a nintendo and I liked comic books and action figures so you can imagine how great our songs were ;] so I left to live in San Francisco and study painting and while I was there I put out some adds to start a band,that’s when I heard from Melissa and I came back from San Francisco and jammed with her and our bass player at the time Francis in her garage. Eugene recorded our first demo and was really into it so when our guitar player quit Eugene filled the spot and I brought George in and that’s it. Wow,that’s a long answer, sorry.

Where’d the name come from?
It pretty much… you know, it took us forever to decide on a name. I think it was Francis, our first bass player, who came up with it, I like our name a lot.

Tell us about your fellow band members. Which one smells the worst?
GEORGE SMELLS THE WORST! actually if you want me to be honest, we all smell pretty bad, all of us except for Mel who always smells good. I absolutely adore my band members, sometimes its crazy because its like having 5 boyfriends.They are all very very talented people, and Mel kicks so much ass on drums, she isn’t like all the girl drummers you see who are models that the record label taught to play , she rips.We have no bass player at the moment, our old bassist James S. who joined after leaving RxB and taking a break, just didn’t work out, so if you play bass and you’re reading this… you know what to do.

fact or fiction: the Roswell UFO crash never happened?
OH IT HAPPENED! its crazy to think that our world is the only world out there. I heard someone say once that for every grain of sand on Huntington beach, there is another universe somewhere out there.farmers from around the area said they found pieces of UFO, how they knew they were pieces of UFO I don’t know,haha but you know maybe. The movie “signs” freaked me out a little bit… Mel especially, she has a fear of aliens,haha, interesting question.Why? Do you see Aliens?

Are you planning on releasing an album independently sometime soon? Or are you going to wait until you’ve got a label? Any labels you’re trying to get on?
This is a question I like. I truly believe that if a band works hard enough, they don’t need to buy into managers and corporations,sponsors, stylists and trends. And the response we have had from music zines and sites,all wanting to help us 100% only proves that more.Right now we do absolutely everything ourselves, our own booking, our own publicity, and our own touring, with help from good friends of course, and so far its working out. I don’t deny that we’re only going to be able to take ourselves so far and will eventually get some kind of label, but until that day, we are completely self-sufficient and its something we really believe in doing. There is just so much fake out there, and we don’t want to have anything ANYTHING to do with it.So this recording was done completely by ourselves in our guitarists home and I truly could not be more proud of anything in my life. Our guitarist recorded it, mixed it, and is going to master it completely himself, so take that for whatever its worth these days. As far as the label thing goes, I cant deny that if a label threw a van in our faces and a sick tour that we wouldn’t be interested, because obviously that would be gnarly, but its not something we’re going to stress ourselves over.But there are a few labels we’ve met, nothing serious yet.

Top 5 Albums you’re listening to at the moment?
Ooh interesting. Alright, here goes 1) Mars Volta- everyone should own at least three copies of this. Its so gnarly, your brain cant even handle it… 2) RxBandits,The Resignation- I really love this Cd, my favorite song is “never slept so soundly” I’ve always loved rxb and I was blown away when progress came out and I couldn’t believe it when I heard how incredible the new Cd is. 3)Michael Jackson- Thriller- this is also a band favorite right now, this goes without saying. 4)Cursive- the ugly organ- I listened to this Cd from start to finish on the way to Vegas, and I really enjoyed listening to it, and its not all the time that you actually enjoy a whole Cd the first time you hear it, by the second song, I realized that listening to the album was like watching a movie with unexpected plot twists and surprises, I didn’t know what to expect next and it made me really love the album. I laughed, I cried ;] 5) AFI right now is a band favorite, when we are all in the car, its something that we can all agree on, the gnarlyness level of this Cd is seriously like a 9.

Would Vanilla Ice be one of your influences? He rocks.
No. I might just have to say that he’s not. hahaha… weird question, was that the webmaster’s question? crazy guy

Now, everyone’s got their guilty pleasures, what are yours? (Mine are Britney Spears and cheesy movies like Breakin’ so don’t hold back on me! )
ooh another neat question…alright… all my friends(except Mel) hate this movie… I ADORE HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES! I completely think this movie owns everyone, if you haven’t seen it,you should. All my friends make fun of it and call it HOUSE OF 1000 BAD ACTORS hahaha, oh yeah, and the Justin Timberlake album was actually really awesome. haahaha… and peeps…

Which is worse: to suck on CD or to suck live?
wow, either one would be horrible, but I would hate to have a craptastic live show. Playing live is what makes it all worth it to me, to see people sing a long and get into it…man, if I had to chose, I would rather have a crap Cd than live show.

What band would you love to tour with someday?
hm obviously there are a few bands that would be a dream come true to tour with, but honestly, we would be grateful to tour with anyone, we just want to rock.

What do you think about the Warped Tour? Are you interested in getting on the bill someday?
Hm, touring the country with other talented bands… sign me up, I don’t care, ill tour anywhere with anyone, as long as we are playing… so yeah, face the fact would be very interested.

Read our interview with Mr. Spoons (http://new.readjunk.com/Interviews/mrspoons.html), would you like to collaborate with him?
Dude, sign me up. This guys awesome! He plays Funerals and gets standing ovations… but one thing, how can you never try playing with sporks?

Do you have anything to plug?
Yes… go to www.mp3.com/face_the_fact and check out our songs, check out our website and check out our shows.