Grey Area

Interviews | Oct 30th, 1999

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Was there an intentional musical direction with Grey Area, or did it result from the different influences each member brought in?
Vinnie Value (drums): We wanted to be melodic for sure, but I would say everyone’s influences defines GA’s sound.

The name Grey Area suggests the overlapping of catchy punk and old school hardcore in your sound. Is that a correct assumption, or is it because you’re all stoners?
Grey Area is basically something that is not quite understood, we’re somewhere in between the HC/punk, so I guess you got it. We’re definitely not Stoners.

When you first started out, did you have difficulty winning over old fans? I can imagine Warzone fans giving you guys a hard time…
A lot of Warzone fans stuck with us, although it seems like there are a lot of newer kids into HC these days that never even heard of Warzone, Cro-Mags, etc.

The new album Fanbelt Algebra is a lot tighter and focused than the last one. Are you guys more comfortable playing and writing with each other?
Well actually, the first record was written by Ernie and myself. Jay and Steve joined the band after the record was recorded. So with more input from two other guys, it really gave us our sound.

Do you ever get disenchanted with the scene or music? What are some changes you’d like to see?
I’d like to see the cliques go away, everyone hanging in their own little groups, also the violence. It isn’t as bad as it was a couple of years back, but I kinda removed myself from those shows and that nonsense, “TIRED OF THAT SO CALLED SCENE” (quote from DeHeeg off Fanbelt…) We try to have giveaways at our shows, get the people involved.

Any diners/restaurants you’d like to recommend?
In Astoria, Queens, Zygo’s Taverna, Pastafina, Bel Air Diner, El Olivo, Los Amigos Rest, amazing pizza at Grand Ave. Pizza, Sunset Pizza. As for Manhattan, John’s Rest, Around the Clock, Dojo’s. If you’re in Brooklyn, you must visit Burritoville, that’s amazing. Thanks for the interview and to everyone who supports GA. Visit us at or See you at the shows….

Grey Area features former members of Warzone, No Redeeming Social Value, Token Entry, and Black Train Jack. Fanbelt Algebra is their excellent second release on Victory Records.