The Impossibles

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Who are the members of the band and what do they play?
rory-vocals and guitar, gabe- same, craig- bass, going off and pat on drums

What can the Impossibles be found doing in Austin,TX when not practicing or in the studio?
working, for the most part, although we all love hanging out with our friends at emo’s downtown, which is also where we play locally nowadays…

What’s it like to be on a major label such as fueled by ramen? has it changed you guys (as a band) in any way?
haha it’s funny you should say FBR is a ‘major label’, because it’s pretty small (for better or worse) and we’ve been on it almost as long as we’ve been a band, so it’s hard to say if it’s had much to do with how we’ve changed as a band at all… but no, the amazing success of fueled by ramen hasn’t gone to our heads… yet

The Impossibles…… interesting name! where did it come from?
there was a cartoon in the 60’s from hanna Barbara called ‘frankenstein jr. and the impossibles’ … I caught it on cartoon network one night and voila’, we had a name… unfortunately about a hundred thousand other bands saw the same cartoon, but to date we’re the only band to keep the name…. in the u.s. Anyway, I think there’s bands in Japan and Australia with the name, but I doubt people in Japan get confused thinking it’s us…

In the song “plan B” whose picture is being push-pinned to the wall? is there a significance behind that song?
um, it was my picture… it’s just something a girl did once that worked it’s way nicely into the song… I think the significance of the song is really determined by the listener, of course it means something to me, but hopefully it doesn’t just end there…

Whose worse blink 182 or the backstreet boys and why?
blink 182, but only because they called fugazi ‘stupid’ for charging small fees at their shows in spin magazine. fuck that.

As I’m sure you are aware of…. the courts have ruled against napster. How do you feel about it?
I dunno, I dont think napster was fair to artists really, and I say that both as an artist and a person who used napster… ultimately I feel like the coolest thing would have been to pay the artist publishing royalties the way you do for radio, but that would have cut the labels out, and they would never let that happen…

What band that you have played with is the funniest to hang out with….. what do you guys do?
we really loved touring and playing with the ultimate fakebook from kansas… they are just awesome guys, and a lot of fun to hang out with… but none of the bands we’ve toured with have been mean people at all, most of them are total sweethearts, and we always have alot of fun on tour….

Are you really fueled by ramen? what type of milage do you get out of that stuff?
hahah well nowadays I eat 99cent frozen dinners from HEB like michaelina’s pasta and stuff, I’m too much of a fatass to be truly fueled by ramen

As you know…. dolly parton has really big boobies…… what size would you guess they are?
I think she wears a 36DOLLY

It’s my opinion that you guys have a very unique sound….. what musical “genre” would you consider yourselves apart of?
I don’t know, I guess power pop,but I like to think that we’re not that easy to corner and that we’re able to appeal to people who listen to all sorts of stuff.. The way a band like avail can be appreciated by pop kids and hardcore kids, because they’re just a good band…

Do you guys have nicknames for each other? if so……. what are they and how did you come up with them?
I call pat P or Ppie, but I think that’s just because I’m a dork… we call craig ‘THE CRAIG’ like he’s a monster or something… gabe doesn’t like being called ‘gabie babie’ so I don’t do it very often..

Would you rather have sex or eat a milky way candy bar and why?

I know you loved this interview…….. just how much have you enjoyed it?
I enjoyed this interview more than having sex with a milky way bar.