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Interviews | Mar 21st, 2013

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James Dewees needs your help. James is resurrecting his band, Reggie and The Full Effect, with a Kickstarter campaign to fund their next record. This will be the band’s 6th full length after issuing most of their catalog on Vagrant Records.

You may know James as he is an accomplished musician in his own right. He has played with a who’s who of bands including Coalesce, the Get Up Kids, New Found Glory, My Chemical Romance, and Leathermouth.

I had the chance to ask the man a few questions about why he chose Kickstarter, the new release, and what else is coming up. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter page and donate at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1592861974/no-country-for-old-musicians

Why did you choose Kickstarter as a way to fund your new record?
I chose Kickstarter because it seems like a great way to get fans
involved with the process, makes it special for me and them at the
same time.

Who are you recording the new record with, both producer and musician-wise?
Ed Rose (sound engineer and producer for Get Up Kids, Appleseed Cast, etc), is my man. Musician-wise it will most likely be me. I have a few friends I’m trying to enlist but until the campaign succeeds I can’t really offer them anything for it yet.

Where do you plan to record?
I will prob do most of the pre-production in NY and then the finals in Lawrence (KS) with Ed, another thing that depends on the Kickstarter succeeding.

You spoke about a return to silliness on the Kickstarter campaign page. Should fans expect a sound similar to earlier Reggie material?
That’s a definite yes. Fans can totally expect to hear the rock and silliness that Reggie brought on the first 3 records. In the time away from the project I really came to realize that I am at my most happy when I can write about things in my life and most of them just happen to be kinda ridiculous.

Is the writing for the record completed? When you sat down to write the music and lyrics for this record did you have a vision in mind or did it happen organically?
The music is totally done. The lyrics are always changing because sometimes I think of something better to say in the song. It all kind of flowed one after the other, sometimes when you get in the writing mode you can’t stop. I am basically living in my basement recording all the time.

Will Common Denominator or Fluxuation be returning for guest appearances?
There will definitely be a Common Denominator appearance but its prob going to be at the very very very end.

Any other special guests?
Robo Fonzie aka (my computer) likes to voice his opinion about things. His whole deal is putting myself in my computers shoes and thinking, “I wonder what my computer would say if it could talk?” and most likely it would be an ass.

What kind of touring plans do you have as far as Reggie is concerned?
Full USA tour, and Canada and UK, prob a few Europe shows. Reggie only went overseas twice. Oh yea and I promised some people I would bring Paco to Japan finally.

You have also been recording Nothing To Write Home About’s podcast editions called Tuesdays with Reggie. How did that come about? Do you know what you are going to talk about before you record?
Matt and I have been doing shows together on the East Coast, so we started doing it once a week to promote the shows. We don’t plan any of the podcasts it’s just talking about whatever we want. We have an EP coming out on EVR Records soon. I love the new stuff we have been doing. A lot of fun!

You named the record No Country For Old Musicians. Was it a clever play on words or is there a deeper meaning?
It’s clever, but if you think about it, not too many 37 year old silly solo projects getting huge these days ha ha. So maybe it is No Country For Old Musicians. Ha ha, or no country for old silly solo projects to say the least.

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