Mr. Spoons (Musician, Lauren’s Grandfather)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Hi Mr. Spoons, How did you become the famous spoons player we know today?
Well, because of the depression era, people had no money, so we used almost anything we could find as entertainment. I used to watch my father play the spoons and was inspired. I’ve been playing ever since.

Have you ever tried playing the spork?
no never

I can play the drums with butter knives, is there a person out there that can do that??
Not that I know of ….would you like to start a band?

What are your favorite songs that you like to play?
Bill Bailey, Sweet Georgia Brown, It had to be You. Mostly stuff from the 20s and 30s

So I hear you’re friends with Carson Daly. What’s he REALLY like?
He’s a real regular guy, likes his beer, really nice, and really enjoys my shows. He even started a chant for me once! “spoons spoons spoons!”

What other things can you play? Washboard? Kazoo? Slide Whistle?
All of the above! Plus the piano, too much anymore, I used to play the banjo. I was actually in this group called “Just a Bunch Of Banjos”

So what about this fanclub of yours? The Spoonies? Are they anything like NSync fans?”
Yes actually! The follow me to the places I play and chant and cheer when I come on. They’re always chanting “SPOONS SPOONS SPOONS”. The spoonies are everywhere: Harlem, Manhattan, I even have fans at Chinese restaurants that come out to see me play when I go in for food.

Are there any bands you would like to collaborate with? Maybe do a guest appearance on a song of theirs?
I’d love to do something with the Boston Pops Orchestra! I did a show once at Madison Square Garden and played the spoons to “Shake it Fast” by Mystikal with backup dancers and everything. I’d play with anybody. Every band could use some spoons in their songs.

Any plans of putting your music on CD? If so, what songs are you planning on playing the spoons to?
I would like to. Probably about 10 songs. I’d do all the old time big band songs like I named above.

Are you planning any touring soon? If so, where?
I’ll go anywhere If I get a show. For now it’s the New Jersey New York area, I’ve got an RV now so I can go anywhere…I play all occasions! Wakes, Funerals, you’ve got it! I actually played a wake once, everyone loved it and gave me a standing ovation, well except for the person in the casket…. Wanna hear MP3’s of the Amazing Mr. Spoons? Go to: Official Original Mr. Spoons Website if you want to e-mail Mr. Spoons, e-mail Lauren at [email protected]