Interviews | Nov 30th, 1998

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Why must you haunt my nightmares?
We don’t discriminate.

In two words, how would you describe the cacophony of cicadas you call your music?
Satanic Vegas

What’s up with Universal Records? You know they’re like the evil empire, right?
I don’t know about evil, but they are pimps for sure.

Yeah, well, just be careful they doubt nickel and dime you to death. So who would win in a fight – Mushroomhead, Oysterhead, Motorhead, or Portishead?
Lemmy would kick everyone’s ass.

Are you scared Deadheads might try to eat you, thinking you’re the groovy type of mushroom?
The only thing scary about Deadheads is the foul odor that seems to follow them.

Okay you people scare the crap out of me. Stay the hell out of Queens. You get one last word.

Mushroomhead’s album “XX” is on Universal. They’re not very talkative but their music speaks for them. It says: “Grrr, we’re scary!”