Nine Pound Note (Johnny)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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So um, who are you n’ shit?
Well you’ve reached Jonny, the lead singer of ninepoundnote. Howdy all. I will be representing the band on this fine morning. You see, you could have had all the band, but that would have cost you. So instead you got the free trial – which includes the most talentless member of the band…

What’s so special about ninepoundnote?
Well, at the moment, in the UK, it’s rare to see new ska punk bands cropping up that are actually enthusiastic about the music they play. There seems to be this huge tidal wave of skacore hitting us and we just wanna surf it out on top and catch the rays! If you get me? Basically, we’re fed up of all these bands trying to be so different and playing heavier ska. We’re doing what we want, keeping it bouncy and uplifting, and keeping the crowd alive!

Isn’t my website the best thing in the world?
Quite simply, yes it is. It’s good to see such dedicated websites as yourselves bigging up the scene across the world. There’s a lot of other shite websites out there trying to do the same thing but they just can’t seem to hit the “quality level” of your site. What’s your web address again?

Do you guys lip sync at concerts like Britney Spears does?
I once brought this topic up with the rest of the guys – wouldn’t it be cool to play at a show where we could mime? I nearly got killed… No – everything we do is for REAL. ‘Cos we is keeping it real innit. I think live music is a great thing to watch, and you can have a lot of fun with it when you’re performing. However, I still think we should at least mime one show – just for a laugh. Please don’t hurt me…

Which ska band sucks ass?
Hypo Psycho – manufactured pop ska wank. Think Busted with horns. Bands like this need to be shot. They have no idea how hard it is to get to the top ‘cos they get it all done for them.

Name the vocalist who wrote these lyrics: “…In West Philadelphia, born an’ raised, on the playground is where i spent mosta my days, Chillin out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, An’ all shootin some B-ball outside of the school…”
Will Smith baby – oh yeah, I’ve got a couple of his albums I wanna get rid of. I’ve got Willennium and Big Willie Style. I’ve tried eBay but no one wants them. If anyone wants ’em then errrrr send me a cheque for £5.00 and I’ll sort you out with some mean-ass hip hop beats. There’s postal details on our website I believe!

Morrissey or Robert Smith?
I’m sorry – who? This has confused me immensley and all answers to questions following may not make sense…

Dude you’re from England and you don’t know who these guys are? Haha. Morrissey was in the Smiths and Robert Smith’s in The Cure.

What are some bands you were influenced by?
I could go on for days, to name a few – The Specials, Bad Manners, Less Than Jake, Mustard Plug, and Hypo Psycho.

Time for some ska trivia:

When The Specials broke up, one part became “The Specials AKA”. Three other members went on to form which band?
Fun Boy 3 was it? Yeah I I’m 90% on that one. But bear in mind, I have a memory like a goldfish so if I’m wrong – don’t sue me (I’d probably forget to turn up at court).

Name at least 2 vocalists (Not Bucket) who were in The Toasters?
Ahhhh The Toasters – New York ska legends eh? Moon Ska eh? Beautiful. Um… How about Lionel Bernard and Sean Dinsmore for size?

Which ska band sings about William Shatner?
Five Iron Frenzy – yummy

Did they? I don’t know. haha. The answer I was looking for was The Scofflaws.

Less Than Jake likes: (1) Little boys (2) Pez (3) Table Tennis
Hmmm… I reckon they use Pez to trick little boys into playing table tennis with them… So I’m going for Pez ‘cos it’s their key into their sick fantasy world where they play table tennis with little boys.

Do you guys have a website or CD?
Plugging time. Right, check out for all the latest shit on us. There’s a mailing list jobby so make sure you sign up on that so we can send you loads of free pornography (of us). We have a couple of CDs out at the moment, those being “Chips For Tea” (2003) and “Plan 9 From Outer Ska” (2004). At the moment, I’d recommend Plan 9 for your listening. You can get MP3s off our site and buy stuff off it so just check it out like. We’re currently working on a new album so keep your eyes out for that and also for a music video which should *fingers crossed* be making it’s way onto UK TV by the end of the year, or possibly early next year. As for American – we’re coming to get you soon, just you wait my lovelys.