Post Bliss

Interviews | Feb 2nd, 2006

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Since no one knows who the hell you guys are, tell us a little about Post Bliss. Did you ever get touched in the naughty area by a crazy relative?
due to pending llegal speculations our lawyers have adviced us to not talk of the that subject matter…

What were some of the other band name choices the band thought of?
There were two other incarnations of this band before it became Post Bliss First, it was called Autumn Sweater then we switched it to Half-Light…

Why do you avoid success?
We don’t avoid it, it runs from us because its scared of something new and good….Look at who success falls upon, “Kelly Clarkson” etc etc….Why do we avoid success is like asking Marliyn Manson why he doesn’t hang with Mr Rogers.

Do your parents know what you do?
Unfortunately, yes they do…since we all live at home still and rely on moms to wash our draws they kinda are knee deep in our mess.

Is it cool playing bowling alleys and skating rinks all the time?
Bowling alley’s? No, its more sweaty and muggy….Skating Rinks? Yes, how else would you expect the ice to stay frozen if it wasn’t….

Which member of the band gets hit on the most by the 12-year-old groupies?

Due to another pending illegal situtation we were adviced to not answer this one

Have you thought about stage names to disguise your real identities?
YES, I go under the name Nigel Tufnel

If a big time record label exec said he’d sign you guys to a record deal, but you have to go down on, would you do it?
Only if he promised his label would screw us afterwards….

If you guys had a chance to bring back the dead and create the ultimate band, who would be in the band?

Kurt Cobain–Vocals, guitar
Keith Richards–Lead guitar
Sid Vicious–Bass guitar
Dennis Wilson–Drums

How do you justify this career move to your guidance counselor?
I’d thank him for showing no interest in me in High School.

What’s the worse thing that someone has said to you about the band?
That we look like the bass player dude from Interpol

What kind of fruit would you like the crowd to throw at you during your shows?
I like bananas, because they are like boomerrangs and might fly back to the idiot that threw it.

Got anything to promote?
Our new EP is done, it’s called “A Cure with no Disease” go to our website for info……