The Menzingers

Interviews | Jun 15th, 2010

The Menzingers have a brand new album “Chamberlain Waits” out NOW, and have been touring the country in support of it. Definitely check out their live show because it can get insane! Their new album is awesome as well! While out on the road, singer/guitarist Greg Barnett answered some questions that Adam Coozer and Bryan Kremkau sent his way. Check out what he said after the jump:

From being a local punk band from Northeast, PA to now opening for Anti-Flag & Against Me and getting your music played on Sirius XM (Faction); what do you think is the biggest factor in the recent airplay and being noticed more?
There’s not really a certain factor we can pinpoint with regards to more exposure. We have great people working for us (looking at you Vanessa and Toby!) but we’ve also started touring more which is always a positive.

Your new album Chamberlain Waits is out on Red Scare and it sounds awesome! How do you think the recording process went? Anything you would do over or change?
Thanks! We’re super proud of the new record. The recording process was everything that we wanted from a “recording process”. It goes without saying but Matt Allison knows what the fuck hes doing and really knows how to pull out the best in the bands he works with. I wouldn’t change anything from that recording session. It would only cheapen it.

Whenever you tell someone you grew up in Scranton and they bring up The Office? Do you want to punch them in the face?
Whats The Office? Nah we love that show. How can you not? I have the same complaints as everyone about the last season but overall its one of the best network television shows on TV.

What’s the cooler bar in Scranton: The Banshee or the Bog? Why?
The Bog! I mean the Banshee is a great place and has those cool booths but The Bog’s got cheap drinks, a great jukebox, and the best bartenders. Also, the owners are good friends of ours.

I know you guys moved to Philly and I keep asking these Scranton questions but…name 3 reasons to visit Scranton, PA
How bout 6 reasons?
1. 1414 Capouse Ave.
2. Dave Sandy
3. Embassy Vinyl
4. The Bog
5. Buona Pizza
6. It’s only 20 minutes away from Lake Ariel.

What’s the most played album in your tour van? What’s the album or artist you dread that the other guys play?
Most played: Against Me!- White Crosses, Dead To Me- African Elephants, Tigers Jaw- Spirit Desire EP, We Were Promised Jetpacks- These Four Walls, Samiam- Astray, Polar Bear Club- Sometimes Things Just Disappear

Nothing really bums us out for the most part. Maybe after 10 hours of driving when Tom puts on “Roots Radicals” or Joe puts on Genesis then I might get bummed. But not really.

If a Menzingers tune could appear on a film soundtrack, which movie and which tune would you choose? Twilight Saga right?
Tough one! I do have a great idea for a commercial though. I wanna use Hot Water Music’s “Wayfarer” to promote the new Double Down sandwich for KFC. We could start the video with a guy holding the sandwich with some wacky camera motions while chuck sings “its a gamble double down or don’t”. Then for the “woah” chorus have a bunch of kids dancing with the sandwich with more wacky camera motions. Its pure gold!

What is one invention you wish existed?
A lure that could catch that fucking monster large mouth bass that always seems to gets away at Section 6.

If someone stole your iPod, and found some embarrassing music on there. What would they find?
I’m living in the past man. I’m currently using a Sony Walkman on this tour. You know the one with the strap so you can go jogging with it? I only have a couple CD’s with me. Nirvana, The National, Bright Eyes, and Banner Pilot. Totally random.

What are three things your mom would be surprised to learn about you?
Dear Mom,

I really hate the new siding on the house. I know you needed to spruce it up to sell it, but anyone who wouldn’t buy the house in the first place doesn’t deserve it. All of your old liquor bottles are under the shed. Sorry that your vodka tasted like water for all of those years. Chris says sorry too. Remember that bowl you found in high school? I lied, it really was to smoke some pot from and not tobacco like I told you. I still can’t believe you bought that one.

Now onto a serious topic, what do you think of this whole oil disaster that has been going on? What do you think we should do to fix it?
Less than a month ago we were in New Orleans discussing the oil spill with some locals. I was trying to get a perspective of what it meant for them in every aspect that our wonderful 24 hour news channels couldn’t deliver. I mean, we’ve all seen the pictures. we’ve all seen the news reports. It turns your stomach. The person I was talking to just looked at me, gave a little smirk, and said, “You know what? You’re going to go home to Philadelphia and none of this will matter to you. You can argue with your TV all you want, but in the end its still going to be out of sight out of mind. Down here, we’re going to deal with this for a very long time.”

As simple as his explanation was it’s completely true. Their economy is going to be fucked AGAIN, while anyone in a supposed role of power will blame the next role of power until another disaster, war, or Lindsay Lohan nip slip grabs, our ADD stricken attention. Then the folks like us (the ones geographically removed from the area) will simply pick a new vacation spot next summer, carelessly put new animals on the endangered species list, and continue to buy gasoline from a company who’s only concern is it’s fucking public image. We’ll do this while our bicycles are left in our basements and public transportation services are just a couple blocks too far to still hit the McDonalds on the way to work. I’m an American and I’m built Ford tough.

You guys are going to be playing with Anti-Flag some shows, and then Swingin’ Utters on another tour. What else do you have coming up?
Besides that we’re playing Insubordination Fest in Baltimore this year. We’re also going to Canada for like 5 days and playing with The Gaslight Anthem in Toronto. Oh! We’re going to release an acoustic record by the end of the year.

Thanks for the kick-ass interview and keep on rockin’ in the “Electric City” Greg! Be sure to visit their MySpace page and check out some tunes and see when they are playing in your area!


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