The Miasmics

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Who are you and all the shit?
Dean: I’m dean and I play the guitar in the band. Yes.

Chris: I’m an underachieving college student who makes tacos for a living and dabbles in ska music.

Matt: We are the Miasmics

Robbie: A ska/rock/reggae/funk/jam band from New Jersey (oh and I’m Robbie – I play the drums, plant the corn and ride off on the women.)

Did you dress up for Halloween? Did you go as a dateless rudeboy?
Dean: we were all pirates at a party at Rutgers. Yes I was dateless. And I’m not ska enough to be a rude boy. Being in a ska influenced band and being a rudeboy for Halloween I think would be kind of making a mockery of certain peoples life styles.

Chris: I’m always a dateless rudeboy. This year we were all pirates.

Matt: Yea we played this party at Rutgers and we were all pirates…….for the 2nd set I was Elvis.

Robbie: We all went as pirates and our singer was Elvis…. and yes….. I was dateless………

What’s your take on the current ska scene?
Dean: feel like there are different ska scenes, there’s like the ska punk ska scene, then the trad ska scene, then there’s bands like us who just kind of don’t fit into a category. But I think if you were to lump everything together you would find that it’s starting to pick up again. More kids are starting ska bands and I think that’s real cool. Its still struggling, I mean its not like it used to be. Anyway, I’m babbling..

Chris: Lots of music, no money.

Matt: It’s been kinda weak for the past several years but I’m starting to see some hope.

Robbie: Wow, it’s horrible. Hopefully it’ll come around but right now it’s as bad as the Mets.

I’m a little slow, what does your band name mean?
Dean: it comes from a small island village off the coast of Madagascar meaning “phenomenal”, so we are “the phenomenals”

Chris: Rob’s dad was in a band called The Miasmic Fog, which meant ‘poisonous fog’, or something like that. The name was reconfigured as The Miasmics, which, if you must translate it, would come out to be, “The Poisonouses.” Yeah. I’m proud to say that I was not in the band at the time, therefor I am not guilty in having any part in committing that atrocity.

Matt: Nothing, it’s from Robs (the drummer) dad’s old bands name, The Miasmic Fog.

Robbie: If you took the literal translation it would be…. The Poisonous’ – which means nothing. Like Matt said – it came from my dad’s band name

When not playing in the Miasmics, what do you do for a living? a Fluffer?
Dean: whoa, how’d you guess?, no jk, only 2 guys in the band are fluffers.

Chris: I make tacos and burritos for snooty old rich people at a nice little Mexican restaurant in West Caldwell.

Matt: I’m a sound engineering major at Willy P yeooooo……Sometimes I work at a bagelshop.

Robbie: Music ED at willy P. And composing music.

True or False: People from NJ don’t know how to drive?
Dean: this is a very true statement.

Chris: True. I’d like to blame NJ itself though for the most f*cked up roadways I’ve ever seen.

Matt: Truth


Did you go to band camp? Do you start off stories like “..and this one time, at band camp..?
Dean: I was never in band in highscool, I was way too cool for that.

Chris: Yeah I went to band camp, for 4 years. But I usually start off stories with, “hey, you know what joke is really overused?”

Matt: Haha, I did have to go to band camp, but I don’t start stories off like that.

Robbie: Well actually….

Ask me a question..anything?

Dean: What’s your favorite town in new jersey?, are you from NJ? what’s your name? what’s your moms maiden name? how do you know me?
Beach Haven, No Way, No, I don’t

Chris: Am I gonna get a response? <= Question!
Since you didn’t ask a good question ,no!

Matt: ummmmm
Can’t think of anything?

Robbie” What would you do for a klondike bar?
I asked another band this. I wouldn’t do anything since Klondike Bar’s get all messy. Brownie Sundae’s is where it’s at yo!

What’s your favorite Kevin Costner movie?
Dean: Tin Cup, great flick

Chris: Man, Waterworld was ridiculously underrated. But I’d have to go with Field of Dreams.

Matt: Waterworld baby

Robbie: Robin Hoooooddddddddd (because for some reason he was allowed to be the only one cool enough not to need an accent.)

Why should people see your band live?
Dean: um, because were good looking, somewhat talented, and we don’t sound like many other bands playing now.

Chris: To witness the giant inflatable talking pig that floats around the arena….once we get a giant inflatable talking pig and play arenas.

Matt: Cause sometimes we play really good, and when we fuck up, it’s funny.

Robbie: Because the groove is here to lift you up.

What transformer do you relate to?
Dean: I never got into the transformers, I think that whole thing is a conspiracy to take over the feeble minds of 80s youth.

Chris: Whichever one attracts the least amount of females.

Matt: The Big red one, like the main guy, I forget his name.

Robbie: Sex-e-mus-prime

Got anything to plug?

oh, just my bum.

Waterworld. Buy it now on DVD.

My butthole

Ok… I don’t know what’s up with all my guys and needing rectal detourage but I’m going to go ahead and plug JEN DURKIN AND THE BOMBSQUAD – for winning the Coca-Cola new music award thingy.

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