The Nightshift

Interviews | Nov 30th, 1997

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I notice you have some females in your band. Shouldn’t they be busy cooking or making babies?
Daniel Field: They should, shouldn’t they? But I have a feeling if they cooked us some food they’d poison us, and then there would be an inner-band war. But it’s okay, the guys outnumber the gals six to two. And it makes for a great *shameless canadian ska plug* ‘super orgy porno party’.

Plus, we only keep our bari saxophonist Yvonne in the band because we use her parents’ place to practice.

You’ve been called “the best thing to happen to Toronto ska in a long time.” But who cares about Toronto ska?
Maybe it’s because we’re the only thing to happen to Toronto ska. Well, besides The Addicts. What I’m saying is that you don’t really have to care about us, maybe just care a bit about The Addicts because frankly, they’re better than us. But you didn’t hear that from me.

You do know that Quebec is gonna kick your ass, right?
Well, maybe not… we have someone on the inside. Our ex-sax player Nick now lives in Montreal and plans to implode/explode/make fun of the entire province. That way, the Montreal ska scene will die and we will be the rulers of Canadian ska. Mwahahaha.

But to answer your question properly, yes, yes I do.

What would Rush think of your band?
They would be insulted that we don’t have a high-pitched singer who sings about physics and stuff that no one (except for Adam) cares about. But then again, nobody would really care. And if they wanted to try to hunt us down, my grandma knows Geddy Lee’s mother, so I could tattle on them to her and then it would all be good. See Canada’s such a small place that everyone knows everyone. I even know the singer of Barenaked Ladies. Really. He goes to my synagogue.

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