The Procedure

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Interviewees: Ed Adams (bass), Mike Donatelli (drums), Frank Fenimore (guitar), Bill Henderson (guitar)

How is the Procedure different from other bands?
Mike: I’d say the Procedure is not your regular run-of-the mill hardcore band. We pull from a bunch of different influences and all of these things are present in our own personal playing styles.

Frank: Yeah, in terms of our sound, I think we’re combining a number of different styles within hardcore in a way that isn’t usually done; so in that sense I think we are able to play for a much broader audience and still get a good response from the kids.

Can you give me some history about the band?
Frank: I had met Jesse, Ed, and Bill my freshman year of college. We had been friends long before the idea of forming any sort of band had come up, which I think has played a major part in the way we function as a group. Forming the band kind of seemed like the logical thing to do. Bill had been writing and recording music on his own for years, and the rest of us had been eager to do a musical project with some substance. The tricky part was finding a drummer.

Mike: I got asked to jam like two marches ago, at which time I was already in two bands. The material was unbelievable though, and I quickly became eager to quit the other bands, which I eventually wound up doing.

Ed: Right. After Bill had moved on from Thursday and had taken a break from being in a band, he had begun to use material that he had recorded over the span of a few years to write some new songs, so our first steps were to use that material as a band. We put together a few songs and recorded a demo and a seven inch in Bill’s basement, and now here we are with a full length record on Brightside/Blackout Records.

Are you in any other bands? Or what other bands have you been in before the Procedure?
Ed: I’ve been in a handful of different “bands” since I started playing bass in high school, but nothing that really went anywhere until now.

Mike: I am currently in Underboss, a three-piece emo/metal outfit out of South Brunswick. In the past, I’ve been in some bands called Nimbus, Blast Effect, Hop! 66, and Ugly Stick.

Bill: Hop! 66 was my first band as well. Mike and I were in that band starting way back in our sophomore year of high school. Since then I’ve done a ton of bands and side projects – the only really serious ones were Purpose and Thursday. The rest were mostly little things I’ve tinkered with to keep myself busy.

Which group would you most likely join: NAMBLA or New York Jacks?
Bill: No.

Your new album “Rise of New Reason” recently came out, what has been the overall feeling from fans about the album?
Ed: Since the release of the record, the overall response has been more positive than we could have imagined. Many people seem to be excited about the new material, and it’s a very rewarding thing after putting so much work into getting this record out.

Mike: We’ve been getting nothing but positive feedback about the record from those who have found the time to give it a fair listen. We are most appreciative of that.

Let’s see if you can finish this sentence: Go to bed with itchy ass, wake up with ______________.
Bill: Mike Donatelli.

Is there anything wrong with the hardcore scene today?
Frank: I think as more and more “underground” bands are finding their way into the mainstream, a lot of newer bands seem to be getting their values confused. It’s really encouraging to see bands like Thursday and Saves the Day and other bands from Jersey reach the level of success that they have. Our goal as a band has really just been to write music that we enjoy and get it out to as many kids as possible. But for a lot of other bands, the idea of getting huge has become a top priority, and I think that’s a problem.

Mike:I think the scene is sort of a joke. It doesn’t exist. We play with all types of bands, with all types of people with all types of beliefs and morals. Being hardcore is about standing up for what you believe in, not being part of a group.

Bill: Yeah, I agree with Frank in that bands are losing the DIY ethic because they’re more concerned about money and success that will lead them to MTV than they are about making good music. I really want to make it a point to always provide cheap merch to the kids and to play smaller shows where we can support the local scenes.

Was there a reason why you wanted to be in a band?
Frank: At the time, I had sort of felt a leveling off in my guitar playing. I wasn’t doing anything to really challenge or improve my abilities. The idea of forming a band with such good friends playing music that was both challenging and interesting was very appealing. There really wasn’t anything to think about.

Mike: I’d have to say I wanted to be in a band out of lack of anything else better to do when I was a kid. I always wanted to play drums, and one day just bought a drum set. The rest is history and I wouldn’t take a thing back.

Which is better: The Simpsons or Family Guy?
Frank: That’s a tough call; I think the Simpsons wins in the end though.

Mike: I’d definitely say the Family Guy question is impossible to answer. The Family Guy rules the new Simpsons episodes, but The Simpsons opened doors for shows like the Family Guy.

Bill: Mike is on crack. Clearly it’s the Simpsons. As far as I’m concerned, the Simpsons is better than just about everything. In fact, I have upwards of twenty VHS tapes filled with episodes I taped when they aired.

I’ll ask a job interview type question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Frank: I have no idea where I’m gonna be 5 minutes from now; next question.

Bill: Probably in the same place I’m in now, which is fine with me. I’ve got a nice place, a good job, and a fun band – hopefully none of those things will change.

If you wanted to insult me, what would you say?
Bill: It’s very likely that I’d criticize your ability to write questions for an interview.

Got any final comments or anything to plug?
Frank: Go check out Marathon ( and Crime in Stereo (

Mike: I’m gonna plug my band Underboss too. Keep an eye out for us. You’ll like it, I promise.