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Interviews | By on Feb 24th, 2005

Britney, how old were you when you first started singing?
Umm it was a long time ago in, uhhhhh…..HEY MY NAME IS JOSH SAY IT WITH ME JOOSH!!!

What was it like to work on the Mickey Mouse Club?
I don’t want anything to do with that sadistic rodent, He is so bossy, He has to have it “his” way

Is it hard remembering your dance routines?
well every once in a while but I usually remember them, I mean like there was this one time where I went out there and shaked my booty and stuff, but when got backstage after the show I totally realized that it was actually Christina’s show, but no one really noticed because our music sounds exactly the same anyway

Why do you think some singers don’t make it as actors?
because they aren’t as blonde or as talented as I am

How hard is it to maintain a relationship with another high-profile celebrity?
well they have this thing called a paparazzi, I don’t know what it is, but it seemed to have protected me from all of those cameramen

What do you like about Madonna?
she is blonde like me!!!

How different is it preparing for a concert versus preparing for a scene?
well you have to practice your lip sinking right before a concert, but before a scene you actually have to practice saying something

Is an Oscar on your list of ambitions Britney? And how would you rate your chances of winning one in the future?
well my music is really important to me and I like to dance and stuff so yeah uhhhh….what was the question again?

How do you feel about being on the cover of Cosmo?
I like being the center of attention so its all good

Was it cool seeing yourself in the Pepsi commercials during the Super Bowl?
yeah, being as big of a fan of baseball that I am, it was really really cool

Is there another movie you’re considering doing right now?
yeah, after the waves that our big kiss made at the video music awards, me, Christina, and Madonna are thinking about making our own movie, it will probably be entitled “when bad celebrities go even worse”

You’ve done music, you’ve done movies, you’ve done a successful book – is there anything left that Britney Spears would really like to do?
Britney wants a sundae, BRITNEY WANTS SUNDAE NOW!!!!!!

Thanks for doing this stupid interview Trigger Happy Pacifists, Got anything to plug or a website to visit?
YEA!!!! I ACTUALLY GET TO ANSWER A QUESTION AIMED AT ME!!!!!!!!! yeah, we don’t have much to listen to at the moment, even though we are working at getting a demo together, but we do have a great website that tells all about us its that has photos, lyrics, a forum, and other great stuff. We also have a yahoo group that you will find a link to on our website Oh yeah just so you know, I’m the guy in the center of the photo on the first page, thank you to all my loving fans!!!!(of course I don’t have many fans……., BUT BRITNEY DOES!!!!!)