Turk Wendell

Interviews | Nov 30th, 1998

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This isn’t really an interview, but a verbatim conversation Spankie had with her favorite active baseball player – ex-Met and current Phillies’ reliever Turk Wendell (who has a stunning season ERA of 1.59 as of 7/13/03). Spank managed to corner Turk while he was signing autographs. Pushing away some little kids, she shouldered her way to the front and the following dialogue ensued:

Hi Turk, Can you PLEASE sign my magazine? It’s called READ You can find it on READMAG.com My brother writes the magazine.
Oh, Yeah?

Yes! Interviews, music and band reviews, personal stories, and always Mets stuff.

We miss you so much on the Mets. When you went to Philly, did you have a choice to get #99?
I had #99, but I bombed my first 3 outings, so I decided to pick #13.

Unlucky 13. I love how supersitious you are. Were you always superstitious growing up?
Well, it’s a routine. I wouldn’t call it superstitious. When you are a major league baseball player, you have to have a routine. So, that’s why.

I know all your routines. I read them on your baseball cards.
Really? Like what?

Brushing your teeth before every inning, jumping over the lines, eating chicken before every game…that’s why I love you –you intrigue me.
Well, you can’t believe everything you read.

I’m a psychologist and your superstitions always excite me.
I once met this lady who was a psychologist and she said I had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’m like-NO I’m NOT! I’m not OCD- that’s CRAZY! I just have routines.

Yeah, I guess we psychologists love to diagnose people. So, this stadium has no energy since you left. I loved when you threw the rosin bag down, made the crowd go crazy, and then you jumped over the white line.
That just pumps me up.

So, are you happy?
Yup, I’m happy.

Well, you’ve made me so happy. You and Gary Carter are my all time favorites.
What kind of team is that?? How did you pair us togther?

I love you, you’ll always be my favorite.
Thanks so much for your support.

It was so nice to meet you. Can you also sign my ball?

Thank you so much (shook hands and tapped his shoulder). I hate to ask this-but can you sign my ticket?
Sure… hey what time is it??

Oh — gotta go.

*At this point, Spankie walked back up to her seat shaking and crying. Thank you Turk for being so cool, and we hope to see you back in New York soon! (But hopefully not with the Yankees)*