Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Is Awesome!

Media | Mar 8th, 2016

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We’ve been getting teasers here and there but we finally have a Game of Thrones trailer to watch over and over. It’s kind of NSFW but whatever, it’s Game of Thrones and work will understand.

I’ll be watching this a few times tonight I’m sure. We get glimpses Jon Snow’s fate (and what will probably happen), and catch up on all the characters and where they left off. We got a sneak peak of a new character, Euron Greyjoy and some big battles happening. I can only assume part of the battle will be the Ramsey/The Boltons. Bran returns a lot older, and with some creepy (visions?) with a White Walker. It’s going to be an intense new season where book and TV fans will be on common ground for once.


I can’t wait and let’s hope some of the missing characters return this season as well!


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