Hans Zimmer Performed At Wembley Arena Last Night (video + setlist)

Media | Apr 7th, 2016

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Lucky Londoners got a chance to see Hans Zimmer and his band of gifted musicians perform various medleys and suites from his movie scores last night. He performed pieces from The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Gladiator, Angels & Demons, Lion King, Pirates, Crimson Tide, Interstellar and many more. I’m insanely jealous that I wasn’t able to see this in person. I’m getting goose bumps listening to this stuff right now but maybe the tour will make it’s way over to NYC soon. For now, I get to watch this concert through crappy cell phone camera footage (but thanks for filming ha!).


Set One
Driving / Discombobulate / Zoosters Breakout
Roll Tide / 160 BPM
The Wheat / The Battle (Gladiator)
Now We Are Free
Chevaliers de Sangreal
Circle of Life / Under the Stars / Circle of Life
Singapore / Mutiny / He’s a Pirate

Set Two
Main Theme (True Romance)
Main Theme (Rain Man)
What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World? (Man of Steel)
Journey to the Line (The Thin Red Line)
The Electro Suite (The Amazing Sipder-Man 2)
Why So Serious? / Fear Will Find You (The Dark Knight)
Day One / Cornfield Chase / Where We’re Going / No Time For Caution (Interstellar)
Stay (Interstellar)

Dream Is Collapsing


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