Music Video: Bell X1 – “Hey Anna Lena”

Media | Feb 3rd, 2011

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Bell X1 is a band I got into with their last album. Their song “The Great Defector” sounded like The Talking Heads and hooked me in. They have a new album coming out shortly and they are previewing a song “Hey Anna Lena” on their website. You can watch the music video for that song below.

Nervy Irish rockers Bell X1 have confirmed the April 12th North American release of their new album, ‘Bloodless Coup,’ on Yep Roc Records. The band’s core trio-Paul Noonan, Dave Geraghty, and Dominic Phillips-composed the record’s 10 tracks, which were recorded along with touring band members Rory Doyle and Marc Aubele and produced by Rob Kirwan at Grouse Lodge in County Westmeath, Ireland.

“‘Bloodless Coup’ is about the idea that momentous change often happens in subtle or benign or lateral ways,” explains Noonan, whose lyrics often find beauty in moments of darkness. “Realizing that you’ll now never do certain things. Stepping up with grace and holding a loved one as they slip away with dignity. Our own country’s economic implosion and frothy soul searching.”

While nuance and grace are hallmarks of Bell X1’s songwriting, there’s been nothing subtle about their career. Their album “Music In Mouth” was voted by the Irish Times as one of the Top 40 albums ever recorded by an Irish band and their breakout album, ‘Flock,’ debuted atop the Irish Album Charts and has since achieved quintuple platinum status there. A testament to their wild popularity, four songs from the record simultaneously climbed to the Top 20 on the Irish singles chart, and as word of their epic, immersive live shows spread, the band became one of the country’s biggest selling live bands. The album was a hit in the U.S. too, the band made their late night debut on Letterman and Vanity Fair heralded their arrival as an international phenomenon. True to form, their follow up album, 2009’s ‘Blue Lights on the Runway,’ debuted at #1 in Ireland, and spawned the single “The Great Defector” which went top 10 in numerous countries — including the USA and found the band once again touring internationally and performing on Letterman for the second time.

Bell X1 will tour the world again this year with North American dates to be announced shortly.

‘Bloodless Coup’ Tracklist:
1. Hey Anna Lena
2. Velcro
3. Nightwatchmen
4. Sugar High
5. Built to Last
6. 4 Minute Mile
7. Safer Than Love
8. The Trailing Skirts of God
9. Haloumi
10. 74 Swans


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