Music Video: Junior – “If I Had The Time, I’d Tell You I’m Not Sorry”

Media | Oct 8th, 2015


Cardiff UK Pop punk band Junior premiered their music video for the track “If I Had The Time, I’d Tell You I’m Not Sorry” off their new EP JuniorLand, which will be released on October 16th.

Bassist/vocalist of the band, Mark Andrews, says of the track: “This was a lot of fun to write, and one of the first songs we wrote lyrically as a collective, so it reflects on all of our personal experiences. We kept it fast, short and to the point, similar to Netflix and chill with Matt!”

Other members of the band happen to also comprise a children’s book author and the head of a non-profit organisation. As a result they form a pop punk band with more on their minds than girls, skateboards and pizza. Although when commenting on the origin of their name, they show it’s not all serious, with Matt stating: “Junior kinda represents our childlike minds.”

As the mini-album release approaches, the band said of the work: “We all liked the idea of a concept album, and building our own little world that’s explained and explored through each of the songs.” Whilst the band’s conceptual JuniorLand carries an aesthetic straight out of Pleasantville via a Don Draper ad campaign, its sound is a little more contemporary. In parts reminiscent of Blink 182’s rightfully revered 2003 self titled album, JuniorLand is highly melodic, swathed in big guitars and layered lead vocals where Attard (who also handles all of the band’s graphic design) and Andrews, take turns to belt out impassioned hooks.

Get the new EP here or at Bandcamp.


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