The Late Ones Premiere Music Video For New Single “Fake Reggae”

Media | Jun 11th, 2021

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Reggae/hip-hop band The Late Ones have released a new single called “Fake Reggae.” It’s quite the jab at the current reggae scene not singing about social injustice and change. Although the band does state: “Don’t take this personally. We are not singling anyone out, but rather hope to start a conversation within the community. We don’t want our culture, music, or message to be watered down any longer.” The single is off their upcoming 4th full-length album called The Fourth Quarter, being released on Easy Star Records. The video was done by Kat Faith @ Mint Street Vision.

The song “Fake Reggae” is a call to action for other reggae bands, according to the Late Ones. Since the beginning, reggae music has been used as a form of resistance against oppression. The band wants to challenge other artists within the genre to use their platforms to make change and push the envelope. The band passionately states:

“If you use this music correctly it can affect real change!”

Singer/guitarist Tui Avei adds:

“We had already been feeling some type of way about the direction that the scene was heading. Actually a lot of people all over the nation were telling me they felt the same, but would do it in hushed conversation. We decided to speak for the people — in true Late Ones form – and ‘Fake Reggae’ was birthed. Long goes the history of the black man/woman who gets no credit for the work we have done. This is not whining or begging. We know what is ours and we know our power. As those who represent our ancestors, it is our place to make sure we can preserve the roots of this music and continue to use it to fight against evil forces.”

Listen and order the single:


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