Watch Chainska Brassika’s Music Video for “Simple Things”

Media | Apr 6th, 2020

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Chainska Brassika, the 8 piece ska-reggae band from south east London have recently released a new single called “Simple Things.” The band teamed up with actor, film producer and ska reggae fan Frank Harper (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels {“I can’t believe this, can everybody stop getting shot!”}, Bend It Like Beckham, Football Factory) to release their new music video back in March. Watch it below!

Chainska Brassika talked about the single:

“Life on earth, commonly comes at us with packaging, shrapnel and dressed up bollocks. Do we really need it? Does it ever serve us? Amongst all of life’s blessings there are trials and tribulations for all to conquer. It’s the Simple Things in life that really counts. Our new single highlights the bare necessities that help us get through, core values like music and fellowship are what Chainska is all about. Reggae and ska have always been linked with protest and this track celebrates the alternative to all the complications. Simple things is about moving away from the issues, surpassing them and dealing with them in our own way. We can’t wait to showcase our UK sound to the American masses and hopefully gain their respect. Watch this space.

Actor and director Frank Harper added:

“I never thought that at my age I would be walking into a recording studio to perform on a track with such a talented group of young musicians. And then to be asked to direct the music video to ‘Simple Things’, capturing the energy of the band’s live performance and paying homage to the roots of the music that we all love and respect, resulted in one of my favourite days ever on a film shoot.”

I’d add their live dates at the bottom but we already know how that will probably go…sadly. Be sure to check them out on Instagram, Spotify and other social media platforms for updates.


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