A Star Wars Yoda Film? Air Yoda?

Movie News | Feb 5th, 2013

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Disney has the rights to Star Wars/Lucasfilm now, so they plan on doing Star Wars stand-alone films as well as the next Trilogy and rumors around the intergalactic internet is that a movie could centered around Yoda? All I know is I can’t wait for the Air Bud spinoff series: Air Yoda! “Powerful Dunker I am!”

Aint It Cool News has the scoop:

Well, to start with they’re going to focus on established characters and do solo films, no, not necessarily Han Solo films, but well, fuck it… The first Stand Alone film is going to center upon YODA. At this stage specifics are sparse, but Kathleen Kennedy is putting together a STAR WARS slate… I’m wildly curious for more details on the YODA film – would this be a young or old YODA tale?

Episode 7 is suppose to debut around 2015 or later, so wonder when we’ll get our Yoda film if that rumors pans out. Who will be attached? Will it be all CGI? Will it be animated movie like Clone Wars? Who knows…


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