One Direction’s Harry Styles joins the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII?!

Movie News | Apr 1st, 2014

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There has been plenty of Star Wars rumors out there but this has been gaining traction for awhile now. For some reason, Hairy Styles of One Direction has joined the cast of the upcoming Star Wars movie, which is being directed by JJ Abrams. Sources say he will play the nephew of Luke Skywalker, Duke. Duke Skywalker or Duke Solo? Wow, glad they brought on Lawrence Kasdan to write this inevitable piece of crap.

Or maybe he’s playing the son of Chewbacca?

The Hollywood Reporter reported the story first:

Sources confirm to THR that Styles is nearing a deal for the undisclosed role. The role may be the one that Michael Fassbender met for late last year and for which Joel Kinnaman may have tested, according to Star Wars sources.

There is a high level of secrecy surrounding the project, and insiders believe that most of the top casting is quite far along. (The secrecy on Star Wars rivals that of Warners’ Batman-Superman movie, and it has created an intense fervor among those following it over even minute developments. Nondisclosure pacts and secret circles of trust are the order of the day for actors under consideration until there is a signed deal.)
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